• Electrolux

    BITO PROflow – safe production processes in FIFO order


Our customer

The Electrolux group is a leading global household and kitchen appliances manufacturer. Established in 1919 in Sweden, the group provides thoughtfully designed innovations. In 1925, the company started its activities on the German market and currently has a staff of 2,000 in Germany, with 1,300 employees working at the plant Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Customer requirements

    • Store 16 reference lines (B-line items) in racking blocks and supply them for order picking
    • Secure FIFO principle in the entire manufacturing process
    • Make best use of floor space and in-house travel routes

The BITO Solution

    • FIFO principle

    » BITO PROflow live storage racking is now used for supplying goods in FIFO order.

Storage facility features

    • all 16 articles are stored on ca. 960 loading units (60 units per article)
    • Bins are picked up and delivered on a route along the assembly line according to the milk run transport scheme.

Customer benefits

    • Improved surface utilisation cuts down on building occupancy costs.
    • Safety first: Safe loading and unloading of racking significantly reduces the risk of injuries and accidents.
    • Shorter travel routes – lower in-house transport costs.
    • No disruptions in manufacturing – no assembly line stops.

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