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    BITO MB containers – safe transport of premium-quality, sensitive high-tech products


Our customer

logit.syncreon is a third-party logistics provider (3PL). The company designs and operates supply chain solutions for customers in Germany, Europe and across the globe. Since 2006, the company has been a member of the syncreon International Group, a global provider of integrated logistics services. They provide supply chain solutions to enable high-tech products to be coordinated, stored, configured, delivered, installed, returned and repaired for their customers. logit.syncreon is a value-added logistics provider to the high-tech industry.

Initial situation and customer requirements

    • Find a multipath solution for high-tech goods that were until then stored and shipped in one-way cardboard boxes (often too large) or even without wrapping in wire-mesh box pallets.
    • Safe and damage-free storage and shipping of sensitive products in various sizes.
    • Avoid or reduce packaging waste for economic and ecologic reasons.
    • Bin dimensions must be compatible with European standard pallets, and bins must be stackable and available in various sizes.

The BITO Solution

    • Robust multi-trip plastic containers

    » BITO MBs are the ideal returnable packaging solution for safe storage and transport.

    • Secure storage

    » The hinged lid and security tags keep goods safe during storage and distribution.

    • Space-efficient solution

    »MB containers can be nested, thus saving floor space and storage volume.

On-site application

    • logit.syncreon uses BITO MB plastic containers for distributing goods throughout Germany.
    • In most cases, MB containers are intended for shipping expensive IT products.
    • MB containers are security-tagged for added product security during transport.

Customer benefits

    • Optimum protection and increased safety during shipment – product damage is very unlikely.
    • The risk of product damage or loss is minimised.
    • Significant reduction of packaging material.
    • MB container nesting saves 75% in volume during empty storage and on return journeys.
    • BITO MB plastic containers have a long service life.

What our customers say

With the BITO MB plastic container, we were able to significantly reduce the risk of loss and damage to our goods.

Alexander Streckfuß,Project Manager at logit.syncreon

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