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Customers around the world opt for BITO as their project partner

General providers and key account customers throughout the world count on us as their competent and reliable project partner. BITO is known for providing a comprehensive service portfolio, from the initial contact through customised project planning to successful implementation. Together with our customers and partners, we are entering new markets in all regions of the world. We are proud of our strong, international sales teams who have helped us realise projects in North and South America, China, Australia and many other parts of the world.

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BITO – Your single source supplier

  • On-site advice

    Our goal is to design storage systems that meet customer requirements. Close cooperation between our and your team in all phases of a project is therefore essential. This will help us identify the key issues the new project will strive to solve and ensure that project managers and teams are equipped with the knowledge they need for developing the optimum solution for your needs.

  • Research & Development

    In order to ensure that our products perfectly meet your requirements, we have established an in-house customer experience centre for sample set-ups and application tests.

  • Planning & structural analysis

    Our in-house designers, technical draughtsmen and structural engineers will see to all aspects of your project, taking into account individual requirements and country-specific conditions.

  • Material handling equipment “Made in Germany”

    All products are manufactured to the latest technological standards. The high level of automation ensures product accuracy and consistency, while allowing production a faster rate. Professional production planning and constant optimisation of manufacturing processes assist to complete a project on time, on budget and without errors.

  • Project management

    Our certified project managers accompany your project from start to finish. Based on years of experience in implementing large-scale international projects, we can guarantee that your project will be running smoothly from initial consultation through to completion.

  • Assembly

    A professional assembly team whose members have attended in-house training courses and a BITO site supervisor will take care of your project and make sure that assembly and set-up is a safe, stress-free and smooth experience.

  • After sales service & racking inspection

    As a warehouse owner, you want to make sure that operations are as smooth and safe as possible. To this end, regular racking inspection is essential and required by law. We provide a racking inspection service in compliance with the legal regulations as stipulated by DGUV 208-043 and DIN EN 15635. Any defects discovered during the racking inspection must be repaired within a rectification period to restore racking safety.

  • Transport & Logistics

    In cooperation with our logistics partners, we ensure smooth and safe delivery. We take care of selecting the right shipping pallets and appropriate packaging to protect the components. To avoid delays during assembly, we ensure just-in-time delivery in line with assembly requirements.

Our strategy

  • Think globally, act locally

    » The international network of BITO subsidiaries creates unique opportunities for our internationally operating customers. They can choose between support at one central location, f.ex. at their headquarters, and local support in different countries or a combination of both. Careful planning, reliable agreements and on-time implementation make us a professional, trusted partner.

  • Working in partnership

    We think that being business partners means more than supplying products. Based on competence and many years of experience, we customise our solutions to individual needs and help our customers be more successful. By concentrating on our core competence we help our customers to concentrate on theirs.

  • Deliver top quality products and excellent customer service

    » Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and other complex projects must meet the highest demands on precision and manufacturing quality. Another challenge that only a few suppliers can meet arises from the large quantities that have to be produced within a short time for such a project. Processing competence in terms of quality assurance, efficient manufacturing equipment as well as experienced and competent staff enable us to accept orders that other manufacturers have to turn down.

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