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    BITO shelving – one of Europe’s biggest outdoor outfitters opted for BITO quality products


Our customer

For 37 years, the German Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH have been convincing their customers with carefully selected travel and outdoor equipment and have meanwhile grown into one of the largest retailers for outdoor goods in Europe. 1,300 employees from 60 nations work in 13 Globetrotter stores and in dispatch logistics. They all share their enthusiasm for travelling and far away countries – a unique, valuable asset that sets Globetrotter apart from other outdoor retailers. The outfitter can boast a range of 35,000 products from more than 1,000 brands sold in experience shops and by distance trade. The company headquarters (administrations and dispatch) are located in Hamburg.

Customer requirements

    • Present all products in the company’s sales premises and in the stock rooms on high quality shelving.
    • Make optimum use of the available space in sales rooms and warehouses/stock rooms.
    • No sharp edges in order to avoid injuries and product damage during order picking.
    • The shelving units must be easy to assemble and shelf level spacing must be adaptable to requirement.
Stock room furnished with shelving units
Optimum space utilisation

The BITO Solution

    • Well appointed

    » At all locations, the outdoor equipment retailer uses BITO shelving type L, in-store as well as in their stock rooms.

Storage facility features

    • Depending on the stock room size, the outfitter opted for shelving of varying lengths and widths.
    • The BITO shelving system provides the ideal shelf size for any product, no matter whether a tent or a hiking boot must be stored.

Customer benefits

    • BITO shelving comes in a large choice of sizes to accommodate small as well as voluminous or bulky goods.
    • Shelving is very versatile and allows compact storage.
    • Shelf levels can easily be adjusted in height within a few seconds.
    • The high manufacturing quality minimises the risk of injuries during order picking and prevents product damage.
    • BITO shelving is a quality product and has “good looks”, making it suitable for sales premises.

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