Ideal if...

    • You need to supply empty storage bins at workstations.
    • You want to return empty containers back to their senders.
    • You need to store empty plastic containers between projects.
    • You have limited space available to store and supply empty boxes, or the space required to do so is highly valuable.

Do some of these points match your experience?

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BITO nesting and folding containers

  • Gruppenbild verschiedener Varianten des Mehrwegbehälters MB

    BITO MB multi-purpose container

    • Stackable box to minimise storage space

    The BITO MB is a stackable, highly stable tapered multi-purpose container, also designed for use in automated warehouses. Stacking these multi-purpose containers inside one another reduces the storage space required for empty boxes - and therefore storage and shipping costs as well - by up to 75 per cent!

    This multi-purpose bin is ideal for picking and also makes for the perfect storage and transport box. It is often used for high value freight and in the medical sector.

  • Vergleich von aufgeklappten Klappboxen EQ mit zusammengeklappten Klappboxen EQ orange

    BITO EQ folding box

    • An excellent folding container

    The BITO EQ folding box is a real innovation. It can be folded down to save exceptional amounts of space, is easy to handle, highly robust and ergonomically designed.

    Already a recipient of multiple function and design awards!

  • U-Turn Stack and nest containers

    • Safe stacking and practical nesting combined

    The BITO U-Turn Stack and nest container combines a conventional stacking container with a nestable space-saving container. The container can be either nested or stacked by simply turning it 180 degrees, a so-called "U-turn". Vertical walls in three levels create up to 20% more volume than comparable stacking containers with the same external dimensions. The low tare weight and practical accessories offer optimum convenience in container handling.


Your benefits

General benefits

    • Space-efficient

    » By using BITO nesting and folding containers, you can substantially reduce the space required to supply and transport empty boxes. This saves costs and lets you make more effective use of expensive storage and production space.

    • Easy to handle.

    » BITO nesting and folding containers are ergonomically designed to be easy to use.

    • Suitable for automated conveyor belts

    » Thanks to the composition and finish of the different base options, our nesting and folding boxes are well suited for use with automated logistics systems.

Features & benefits of the BITO MB multi-purpose container

  • Mehrere Mehrwegbehälter MB ineinander gestapelt
    • Save space

    » The BITO MB series of stackable multi-purpose containers can be stacked inside one another to save space, reducing the space required when storing and transporting empty bins by up to 75%. For lidded versions of these multi-purpose containers, the half-lids fall down along the sides of the boxes for stacking. As an all-in-one storage container, picking box and shipping unit, this robust space-saving bin saves on packing times and therefore costs as well.

  • Mehrwegbehälter MB mit Klappdeckel
    • Optimum safety

    » The lidded BITO MB can be securely fastened with single-use seals, protecting its contents from unauthorised access and potential damage during storage or transport. This plastic bin is ideal for high-value freight or for use in the medical sector. On request, the seals can also be numbered or labelled for logging purposes, or even colour-coded.

  • Draufsicht eines offenen Mehrwegbehälters MB
    • Easy cleaning

    » Smooth inner walls and a robust, one-piece container design make the box easy to clean, allowing you to maintain high standards of cleanliness.

  • Gruppenbild verschiedener Varianten des Mehrwegbehälters MB
    • Wide range of accessories

    » Examples of accessories that are available - stacking rails, interlocking hinged lids and security seals. They make this range a highly versatile option.

Features & benefits of the BITO EQ folding box

  • Klappbox EQ in orange mit zweiteiligem Klappdeckel
    • Exceptionally spacious, exceptional space-saving

    » The BITO EQ plastic folding box is a space-saving revolution: available in two different heights, this robust space-saving container offers significant storage space. However, when folded down, it saves significant volume when planning transport or box storage space. Storage space reduced by 75 per cent!

  • Detailansicht Handwippe zum entriegeln der Klappbox EQ
    • Easy to handle.

    » The way the BITO EQ folds down is very straightforward, developed in cooperation with leading ergonomics experts. This folding container is also available with a fully closed front and a fold-up grip to ensure maximum comfort when carried.

  • Detailansicht Etikettenfach an der Klappbox EQ
    • Practical

    » The BITO EQ folding box is available with both open and closed grip versions. The closed version allows the container to be filled right to the top. The printable surfaces of the box are generously proportioned, allowing you to use this area for barcodes, RFID tags or other printing you may require. Any such markings or labels are clearly visible even when the box is folded flat.

  • Detailansicht Anwendung einer Plombe am zweiteiligen Klappdeckel der Klappbox EQ
    • Protection and safety

    » The BITO EQ is also available with a hinged folding lid, which can be sealed. This protects the contents against unauthorised access and potential damage during storage and transport. On request, the seals can also be numbered or labelled for logging purposes, or even colour-coded.

    The box can also be supplied with an internal shipping label. This design prevents the label from being lost and avoids having to stick adhesive labels to containers, reducing cleaning costs.

    • Exceptionally resilient

    » The BITO EQ comes with a choice of bases: with a ribbed or double base as an alternative to the standard base, the folding box becomes ideal for storing and transporting all kinds of goods - even the heaviest of items.

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