1845 - 2023



In this year, Leopold Bittmann and his wife found the company “Leop. Bittmann” in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. The company produces metal ornaments and decorative elements for the leather industry.

At the same time

Using Morse code, Samuel Morse sent the first telegraph message from Washington to Baltimore.


Fritz August Bittmann joins the company, and the company enters the storage technology field. The first steel bin is produced in March.

At the same time

The three millionth VW Beetle rolls off the production line.


BITO begins to produce plastic containers using an injection moulding process. Plastic gradually starts to replace wood and steel as a construction material.

At the same time

The first Beatles single, “Love Me Do”, is released in the United Kingdom.


BITO begins to revolutionise intralogistics with the production of the first ever carton live storage system and its first steps into the world of picking technology.

At the same time

The first push-button telephone appears on the market.


BITO introduces the first boltless shelving system to the market. The system is also notable for being a two-storey structure.

At the same time

Reinhold Messner scales Mount Everest without using breathing gear.


BITO develops a pallet racking system with a high carrying capacity.

At the same time

The first personal computer is unveiled by the American firm IBM.


Production switches to polypropylene with the new SK series. The SK also gets an attractive exterior look in powder blue and coral green.

At the same time

The German high-speed ICE train sets a new record, travelling between Fulda and Würzburg at a speed of 406 km/h.


BITO constructs a new container, the RK type, designed to match standard shelf widths.

At the same time

Germany becomes the football world champion for a third time at the World Cup in Italy.


BITO continues to grow. The move to Meisenheim comes soon afterwards.

At the same time

Helmut Kohl is re-elected as the first Chancellor of a reunited Germany.


The new space-saving MB container is developed. This model is stackable when empty.

At the same time

Michael Schumacher becomes the first German Formula 1 world champion.


The KTL handling bin is introduced, instantly convincing the market.

At the same time

The Bundestag in Germany votes to introduce the Euro.


The company decides to incorporate mobile racking products into its range. The first system went on sale as early as 1999.

At the same time

Total solar eclipse above Central Europe.


In June 2000, plastic-based production facilities moved to Lauterecken.

At the same time

The German government and the German energy industry agree to end the country's use of nuclear power.


BITO is the first company in its industry to launch an online webshop.

At the same time

In 2001, Dennis Tito achieves international fame as the first ever space tourist.


BITO signs a joint venture agreement with the Indian family company Nilkamal Plastics.

At the same time

The final of the 2006 football World Cup, the 18th edition of the most prestigious national football tournament, is held in Germany for the second time - the first being in 1974.


BITO opens its new Hall 7 in 2008.

At the same time

Barack Obama becomes the first African-American President of the United States.


The SL heavy-duty bin, with a maximum load of up to 500 kg, is developed and instantly wins the Red Dot Award.

At the same time

NASA launches its last crewed space mission on the Space Shuttle.


The Meisenheim plant is expanded to a total production area of 6,400 m².

At the same time

A comprehensive national minimum wage is introduced in Germany, set at EUR 8.50 per hour.

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