Sustainable corporate governance is one of our core convictions

  • Climate neutral company
  • Sustainable products and solutions
  • Responsibility for employees and society

A great opportunity for all of us

BITO has been implementing a broad range of ecological sustainability practices in recent years. Acting with economical, ecological and social responsibility should not be viewed as a duty, but as a great opportunity. Sound management and work practices as well as interacting honestly and openly at eye level, staying grounded and keeping processes and structures simple are important contributions to this goal.

When BITO applied for climate neutrality certification, this was not only done with an eye on our external image, but also with a view to internal perception. For it is important to us that our employees also identify with this goal.

Winfried Schmuck, Managing director of BITO-Lagertechnik

What is needed is a change in thinking and acting

Sustainable development requires a new mindset that affects all fields of business activity. Thanks to innovative technologies and processes, sustainable management can be implemented throughout the entire supply and value chain. We believe that the careful selection of raw materials, resource and environmentally friendly processing, the selection of sustainable materials, more efficient logistics and the involvement of our customers are important prerequisites.

As experience shows, sustainable development and economic growth are no conflicting values. On the contrary, they promote innovative strength and performance, help to achieve a balanced price-performance ratio, promote fairness in business with staff, suppliers and customers, and create awareness for environmental and social concerns.

TÜV Rheinland "Climate Neutral Company" certification

With regard to environmental protection and sustainable use of resources, we have set high goals. For us, certification as a climate-neutral company is the logical step in an on-going process.

Since September 2021, BITO-Lagertechnik has been holding the "Climate Neutral Company" certificate which is awarded by the TÜV Rheinland Group, the leading provider of technical services worldwide. The certificate confirms that BITO is compensating its audited CO2 emissions with measures taken in the field of climate protection. The certificate is based on a calculated corporate carbon footprint. We are officially climate neutral, as 100% of our Scope 1+2 electricity consumption comes from renewable energy sources. To neutralize Scope 3 emissions, we are cooperating with a provider of carbon offset projects such as GOLDSTANDARD or myclimate.

“Today, running a business means much more than making profit. We are using up nature’s resources faster than ever, although many raw materials are only available in limited quantities. The effects of climate change on the environment, on society and the economy have long since become impossible to ignore.

Sustainable corporate governance means not only acting in harmony with nature, but also with the people who work for and with the company, thus assuming social responsibility for a future worth living.”

Winfried SchmuckManaging Director of BITO-Lagertechnik


All BITO sites are independently monitored and certified. This enables BITO to guarantee high level process standards for quality, safety and sustainability.

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