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    • ... you want to make sure your products are perfectly protected, f. ex. during conveyor belt handling or when they are shipped to your customer. Whether you need to increase storage capacity in your warehouse or packing density for shipment, BITO inlays, dividers and insertable bins allow to store or ship more items in the same space. After all, making best use of space saves money.
    • ... you want to raise the level of automation in your handling operations and in your warehouse. A high degree of automation is necessary in order to be able to keep ahead of competition with cost-efficient products. This can only be achieved by strictly complying with dimensional tolerances and by establishing standardised processes.
    • ... you want to reduce pick times with a clear product presentation. Cutting down on access times
    • will enable you to achieve the desired return on investment (ROI) as fast as possible. Apart from saving time and resources you also avoid losses due to damage and returns.

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The system

Bins and containers have a broad range of applications. They are used for shipping and distributing products, for order picking and storage of parts and materials and for providing supplies and equipment in production environments. In order to provide a solution for special applications and to further increase customer benefit, BITO has developed various options to segment bins and containers with inlays, dividers and insertable bins. All these options aim at giving your business a genuine competitive advantage by protecting items from damage, making best use of space, increasing the degree of automation in bin storage and improving product presentation to cut pick times. In short, inlays, inserts and dividers help you achieve a faster return on investment. Customised packaging solutions are key to this goal as they help you save time and money.

Our options include easy-to-fit dividers, either front-to-back or left-to-right, inlays and insertable bins that perfectly match various bin sizes. For special customer requirements, we offer foam inlays, tool holders and other product specific support solutions to prevent goods from moving or mixing. In cooperation with our customers we have a close look at the products to be shipped and the features that their product packaging should ideally have. No matter how extreme requirements are, our team of experts will provide the optimum solution.

    • Slot-in divider strips

    » Slot-in divider strips come in standard lengths of 724 mm and 524 mm and can be cut to size. They can be ordered either ready-cut or you cut them on site. Wall thickness is 5 or 10 mm.

    • Longitudinal dividers and cross dividers

    » Storage and handling bins can easily be subdivided into smaller sections using dividers running front to back and left to right. The deep groove system inside the bins allows dividers to firmly snap in place. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to create two, three or more compartments within a bin. Cross dividers are made from transparent, food-grade plastics and are supplied with a label holder. Longitudinal dividers subdivide bins lengthwise into two or three compartments. They are available from galvanised steel or transparent plastic material.

    • Insertable bins

    » European size stacking containers XL and small parts containers KLT can also be subdivided with insertable bins that allow to create sections of 1/2, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8 the bin size. Insertable bins can be stacked and are suited for further subdivision. The molded grip solution allows to easily remove bins from the external box.

    • Foam inlays

    » Apart from segregating amounts of parts and components, foam inlays are ideal to protect goods from damage during shipment. Manufacturers, dealers, IT repair shops and stores as well as service providers often do not have a suitable packaging solution that ensures safe handling, storage and transport of IT equipment such as laptops, tablets and accompanying hardware. Very often devices are placed in cardboard boxes or grid trolleys and wrapped with packaging materials which is why they are particularly susceptible to damage. BITO packaging solutions such as custom-made foam inlays do not only protect expensive equipment, but also help you save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on disposable packaging and on handling returns due to damage. By choosing reusable packaging and boxes made of recycled materials, our customers also make a contribution to environmental protection, which is in line with market demands. BITOBOXES with inlays help you save time, since there is no need for wrapping and unwrapping goods. They also help your company avoid penalties for non-compliance with hazardous goods regulations, for example, when shipping lithium-ion batteries. In addition, the sides and the lid can be used as advertising space for your business.

    • Inlays from thermoforming sheets or EPS foams

    » Inlays from thermoforming sheets or EPS foams (expanded polystyrene) are profitable from order volumes over 2,000 pieces per product. The same applies for inlays of EPP (expanded polypropylene). Depending on the number of pieces per product, both options are cheaper than foam plastic inlays. As a medium for packaging, EPS has many positive characteristics. With its cellular structure, EPS is a versatile, lightweight, dimensionally stable, durable and reliable packaging option to protect sensitive goods such as electronic devices during transport. Moreover, it is virtually waterproof and 100 percent recyclable. Compared to EPS, EPP is stronger, has a higher impact resistance and is more heat-resistant (up to 130 degrees Celsius). This transparent plastic material is odourless, skin-friendly and physiologically safe and is also suitable for contact with food and pharmaceuticals. More than half of the global production of polypropylene is used for producing packaging material.


Your benefits

    • Slot-in divider strips can be cut to size to suit all bin dimensions and to create any compartment size. They can be fitted and removed as required. Slot-in dividers provide simple and effective parts storage at little cost.
    • Longitudinal dividers and cross dividers are an inexpensive solution to subdivide storage and handling bins. The transparent version allows an easy-to-view product presentation. Since all items have their own picking space, access to contents is convenient and the possibility of picking errors is reduced.
    • Use insertable bins to create custom storage compartments. In addition to this, insertable bins can be further subdivided front to back and left to right to maximize use of space. Insertable bins can be stacked and marked with barcode labels or RFID labels for inventory tracking and shipment tracking.
    • With their closed-cell structure and availability in various compressive strengths to withstand load, EPS or EPP foam inlays are the ideal material for making customised packaging solutions to protect shock-sensitive and expensive products such as electronic components. Inlays are a cost effective way of making best use of the storage containers already in use at your company rather than having individual bins for each shipment - thus saving a great deal of space. They are even suited for automated picking operations.
    • In general, all divider systems help you organise your stocks and increase transparency which minimizes search and access times. Working with compartmented bins also helps to automate workflows. Each separator is matched to a certain bin size, thus ensuring a perfect fit to prevent any movement of items. This ensures that items are always located at the right storage position.
    • Improved Return on Investment (ROI) Saving money by optimising processes help drive your business profitability.
    • Bin inlays and inserts improve product presentation, keep dirt and dust away from your goods, provide optimum product protection and help you save money. Moreover, a clear product separation is key to automation.
    • Compliance with safety regulations is made easy with suitable inlays that allow safe transport of lithium-ion batteries (e.g. in laptops). Another benefit of BITOBOXES is that many of them can be locked or strap-sealed for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), e.g. when storing old computers.
    • Make a valuable contribution to environmental protection by avoiding disposable packaging!
    • Efficient protection of products and components; contents are kept clean.
    • Packing density is improved, and along with this, storage density and freight density.

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