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    Our philosophy: partnership with our customers.

The best solutions come about as a result of communication.

We place the most value on personalised, comprehensive, intensive support and direct, personal discussion with our customers.

For our business, establishing a logistics centre or installing a picking system is an investment in the future which is typically associated with high initial outlays. Naturally, this investment must therefore be worth the cost - and it must last as long as possible.

This means taking no risks - you must be sure that your system will run reliably from the start and for a long time to come, without any disruptions. You must be sure that the products meet your needs and that all operating processes work in harmony without any issues.

A key basic requirement is therefore to be genuinely fully informed about all aspects of the project from the very start, and from then on to have someone by your side to answer your questions and respond to your needs.

Our close network of external employees helps to ensure that your personal point of contact is always close by you and can visit you in person even on short notice.

Customer-focused personalised advice and support

Optimally-designed storage systems are always oriented towards the needs of the customer - which makes it essential for us to always remain in close contact with you. This is the only way for us to determine exactly what you need from us as a storage technology supplier - and for you to know that we’ll find the best storage solution together with you, finding a lasting solution to your wishes and requirements.

We therefore see ourselves as your partner, always by your side:

    • For the first meeting - be it for new investments or a desire for a change to your existing logistics
    • For intensive consultation - to clarify your requirements, opportunities and wishes and to find your ideal logistics system
    • To plan your storage installation - in direct consultation with you and our specialists
    • To assist you with the implementation process - to determine the processes and to answer any questions that may arise during this phase
    • To support you further in the future - even after your system has been in use for years

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