Ideal if...

    • You need to supply a range of small items for production or a process such as assembly or shipping.
    • You want to integrate the storage and safekeeping of a wide range of small items into your processes in a space efficient way.
    • You want to use Kanban processes to supply small items, keep stock and inventory low and make replenishment as efficient as possible.

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BITO small item storage containers

  • Gruppenbild verschiedener Varianten des Sichtlagerkasten SK

    BITO SK storage containers

    • Visible and perfectly sorted

    Small items stored in BITO SK storage containers are clearly visible. They are the ideal sorting bin for supplying a wide range of small items for use in production or assembly processes. For easy item retrieval, they have an opening at the front that can be closed using an optional transparent sliding window.

  • Gruppenbild verschiedener Varianten des Regalkasten RK 01

    BITO RK storage and handling bins

    • The perfect containers for cupboards or shelving

    BITO RK storage and handling bins are designed to perfectly fit BITO shelving. Their dimensions are designed to exactly match the dimensions of shelves to make the perfect storage solution. The available space is used as efficiently as possible, while containers remain secure without sliding around. These robust boxes can be optionally fitted with lengthways or cross dividers to store different articles while still keeping them clearly visible.

  • C-Teile-Behälter mit Dosierscheibe und Sicherungsbügel

    BITO CTB C-item containers

    • The ideal combination of visible and shelf storage

    The BITO CTB C-item container offers a combination of BITO SK bins for visible storage and BITO RK bins for shelf storage. Excellent quality containers, suitable for a wide range of purposes, they sit perfectly onto BITO shelving. The transparent polypropylene front window can be easily slid down to open without having to move the container itself or remove anything from it.

  • Environmentally friendly C-item containers

    • Made from sunflower compound (SFC), these versions help reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy through lower processing temperatures.

    BITO C-item bins CTB - usually made from polypropylene - can also be manufactured from environmentally friendly sunflower compound (SFC). This new material is a mixture of PP and sunflower seed shell fibres, a food industry waste product that is now used for further processing. Compared to bins made from conventional "pure" plastic, bins from sunflower compound help reduce global carbon emissions.


Your benefits

General benefits

    • Optimal access

    » The ergonomic design of BITO small parts storage containers allows users to easily access and retrieve small items stored inside.

    • supplied with labels

    » We include contents labels as standard with all deliveries of BITO small parts storage containers.

    • High safety

    » We test our bins on a regular basis and provide precise details regarding the content weights and stacking capacities.  This enables the user to store items safely without taking any risks.

    • 5 year guarantee

    » We offer a five-year guarantee on all BITO small parts storage containers!

    • A broad range of accessories

    » A wide range of  accessories is available. Examples are lids to protect sensitive items, slide-down windows that increase maximum storage capacity, divider slots to sort products and printer compatible perforated labels.  Their design, quality and accessories make BITO small parts storage containers hard to beat.

Features & benefits of BITO SK storage containers

  • Darstellung Sichtlagerkästen SK mit leichter Entnahme und viel Übersicht
    • Easy access, visibility

    » The shape and divider options for SK containers offer easy access to their contents. They make it easy to organise small items and keep track of them, with all contents clearly visible. If the front openings are closed using the detachable slide-down windows, the containers’ full volume can be used while their contents remain fully visible.

  • Sichtlagerkästen in verschiedenen Farben zur besseren Ordnung
    • Colour-coding as a sorting system

    » All sizes of the storage bins are available in blue, red, green and yellow. This colour coding can help simplify your working and picking processes.

  • Detailansichten des umfangreichen Zubehörs für Sichtlagerkästen SK
    • Quality and variety

    » BITO storage bins are among the most useful containers in their class for storing small items. The variety of sizes is enormous and an extensive range of accessories to make your work easier complements the bins.

  • Detailansicht Sichtscheibe im Sichtlagerkasten SK 02
    • Robust and sophisticated

    » The slide-down windows used to close the larger models in this series of containers are made of an extremely robust polycarbonate which can withstand pressure from even large volumes of stored goods.

Features & benefits of BITO RK storage and handling containers

  • Gruppenbild verschiedener Varianten des Regalkasten RK 01
    • 18 different sizes of container

    BITO RK storage and handling bins are available in 18 different sizes - each one optimised to fit neatly on BITO shelving.

  • Detailansichten des umfangreichen Zubehörs für Regalkästen RK
    • A broad range of accessories

    » The bins can be used for a wide range of purposes. Depending on your needs and the goods being stored, these plastic containers for small items are complemented by a wide range of accessories such as lengthways and cross dividers and ids to protect against dust. Spring loaded carry handles are available to enable the bin to hang off the shelf at an angle for easy picking.

Features & benefits of BITO CTB C-item containers

  • Detailansicht Klebefeldfolie auf C-Teile-Behälter CTB
    • Space efficient storage and picking

    » BITO C-item container transparent slide down windows are easy to open. When open the contents are easily removed or stock levels checked. This plastic small item storage system is ideal for single or double container Kanban applications, allowing you to pick and store small items efficiently while also saving space.

  • C-Teile-Behälter CTB mit Inhalt
    • Excellent quality

    » The container is highly robust, making it well suited to storage and transport of even heavy small items.

  • Detailansicht Dosierscheibe im C-Teile-Behälter CTB
    • Optimal space utilisation

    » Optional product feeder panels allow you to make full use of the container's volume. With the addition of cross dividers, this small item box can be efficiently filled - ideal for a single container Kanban application.

  • Detailansicht Sicherungs-/Tragebügel am Regalkasten RK
    • Safety and carry handles

    » An optional accessory is a spring loaded safety handle which enables the container to hang over the edge of the shelf  for picking.

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