BITO Carton Live and BITOBOX XL Euro containers with inlays - special efficiency and safety for highly sensitive goods


Our customer

Hitachi Europe Ltd has been delivering products, services and solutions to every sector of the European market since 1982, from data storage solutions to transportation systems. The global Japanese electrical engineering and engineering group supplies its customers from Belgium.

Customer requirements

    • A future-oriented planned warehouse should provide sufficient capacity for the next 15 years
    • The very sensitive electronic components must not be damaged during storage and picking
    • It is important that the products are stored without the build up of static.
    • The customer must be able to rely on an efficient and error-free picking of the electrical components

The BITO Solution

    • BITO Carton Live Flow Shelves

    » BITO installs the Carton Live with antistatic ESD plastic rollers

    • Secure storage

    » BITO plastic containers XL with ESD inlays are used to pick and store the goods

Storage facility features

    • The articles are provided in BITOBOXEN XL in the general cargo flow racks
    • All BITO plastic containers are equipped with antistatic inlays to prevent damage during storage
    • Storage and picking of containers takes place on roller rails in the flow channels

Customer benefits

    • Safe knowledge that the components will not be damaged through the build up of static electricity
    • First In First Out (FIFO) ensures tight batch control

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