Automated stock control in the manual warehouse

For warehouse management, inventory and order picking, real-time based, reliable and item precise determined stock levels are desirable. TeDaLoS solves this with weight sensors, radio transmission to cloud software and online display.

Businesses and companies that are obliged to draw up balance sheets are required by law to carry out an annual stocktaking. The inventory is not only important because it is a legal requirement for certain companies, but also in order to be able to estimate the value of the company. It serves as the basis for the balance sheet, however, the inventory is only a momentary snapshot of the stock. Often the stock quantities of the goods in the inventory management system and in the real warehouse differ from each other. Reasons for this are, for example, accidental removals from the wrong compartment, incorrect scans, defective processes, unauthorised removals, etc. However, stock management with a warehouse management system (WMS) can only be as good as the quality of the data used. 

Automated extraction of reliable data

It is desirable to have real-time based, reliable and item precise stock levels that bring more clarity to warehouse management. A laborious manual and continuous determination of inventory data by means of sifting and counting by employees is out of the question because it is too time-consuming and costly. The data must therefore be determined automatically by means of an appropriate sensor system. The stock data can be used, among other things, for actual to target comparison with the warehouse management system (WMS) and for automatic and efficient just-in-time (JIT) reordering of C articles. 

Real-time inventory control with sensors

TeDaLoS is a mobile and autonomous system for simple digital and cloud-based inventory control. The system solves this task by means of a multitude of wireless intelligent weight sensors at the respective goods storage locations or containers, the transmission of the measured data via telecommunication to a cloud software and an online display. The computer and server on which the cloud components (interfaces to external IT systems such as WMS, ERP, etc.) are installed are located in the EU. This means that we are not dealing with potentially insecure external Google or Amazon cloud services. 

A sensor unit consists of the sensor technology for item precise weight measurement, the radio technology (cloud uplink) and the power supply. This unit is placed on any load carrier or storage location or under a container. The cloud software decodes, interprets and validates the recorded data. The approximately 12,000 data points per day and storage location are finally reduced to one or two actions to be carried out - such as "triggering an order" or "calling the security guard". 

A system with many advantages

The TeDaLos system can be retrofitted in warehouses as well as on (load carriers of) moving goods in a few minutes without external resources and immediately delivers automated results. The encrypted data transmission via the wireless network allows commissioning at any location in the company or even in the customer's warehouse. Suppliers know promptly which quantities they need to replenish at the customer's premises. Since the demand is already reported when the goods are consumed, service and logistics optimisation is possible. In addition, it is possible to choose who is allowed to view which storage locations or groups of goods online and who is informed when about the stock by e-mail or is commissioned to organise replenishment. 

The technical connection to the warehouse technology or the company's own IT is no longer necessary. Warehouse management becomes more efficient thanks to contactless and automatic stock control, without being tied to rigid processes or permanently installed technology and IT. This makes the work of warehouse and production managers, purchasing and the finance department much easier. 

Another advantage is that in the case of material transfers between locations, the usage can be recorded promptly and "shrinkage" can be detected. Likewise, theft of material is also detected and appropriate measures can be initiated. With the two-container Kanban, the FIFO rule and the usage per container can be monitored. 

Application scenarios

Target versus actual comparison 

Stock in the physical warehouse are automatically compared with stock in the WMS via cloud software. Stock shortages and variances are the order of the day here. The causes can be many - accidental removal from the wrong compartment, incorrect scans, faulty processes, unauthorised removals, etc. In the worst case, these variances can mean the loss of a customer if, for example, an unnoticed "out of stock" situation has occurred. This serious error in stock control means that promised delivery dates cannot be met, which in the worst case can lead to a contractual penalty and the loss of the customer. The TeDaLos system avoids such costly situations. 

Automatic reordering 

TeDaLos enables efficient just-in-time (JIT) reordering of items. The manual detection, triggering and execution of reorders of C-parts, for example, is often more expensive than the articles themselves and should therefore be prevented. Here, the system takes over the carefree automated stock control and the reordering of the corresponding parts. 

The smart sensor units are available as 5 kg and 20 kg variants as "single" or "double" units. Their features and advantages are: minimal space requirement and low weight, no fixed installation, no IT integration, no programming required, battery range for many years, encrypted radio uplink, EU cloud software included, provides inventory monitoring as well as alarms and reports, real-time item stock determination, piece-by-piece measurement. In addition, specially designed sensor units are available for load carriers such as pallets, boxes and cartons and KLT load carriers. 

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