XL-Motion: The perfect container for automated warehouses

Using the right containers in automated small parts warehouses can increase efficiency and reduce noise levels. The XL-Motion was specially designed for miniloads.

Miniload systems or automated small parts warehouses (AS/RS) and shuttle systems are suitable for companies to store and pick a large number of small parts efficiently. Such warehouses can have many advantages such as improved efficiency, fewer picking errors, reduced processing time and optimal use of space..A key element in the success of automated warehouses is the choice of container. 

The right container makes the difference

The right choice of containers for the automated small parts warehouse (1) or shuttle not only increases the efficiency of the entire warehouse, the containers also influence the noise level in the warehouse and thus the working conditions for employees. A high net volume (internal volume) of the containers in turn determines the level of space utilisation and ultimately how many containers need to be used. Of course, containers for shuttle warehouses and automated small parts warehouses (AS/RS) need to be particularly stable so that they can be used on a conveyor system for a long time. Furthermore, the containers must comply with the tight tolerances required in such a system. BITO offers a wide variety of containers for miniloads. These include the BITO-Box MB, KLT and XL, the EQ folding container, the U-Turn rotating stacking container, various trays and the BITO-Box XL-Motion (2). 

The XL-Motion silent runner

The BITO-Box XL-Motion container is especially designed for quiet running in automatic small parts warehouses, on conveyors and shuttle systems, thereby considerably reducing the noise level for employees. The base design features a sandwich construction of diagonal support ribbing in the centre and a double base edge. As a result, the base doesn‘t flex, always remains even and smooth meaning it runs particularly quietly on conveyors.  The lower noise level also leads to a more pleasant working environment and more satisfaction among employees in the company.  Due to the sides being perfectly straight, the internal volume is greater than containers with sloping sides. Fire protection requirements have also been taken into consderation. If required, containers can be supplied with water drainage holes for sprinkler systems. Lengthways and crossways dividers can be used to subdivide containers into different compartments, resulting in a higher storage density. For traceability, it is possible to integrate barcodes or RFID technology on the containers. Sustainability (3) in automated small parts warehouses is also satisfied. 


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