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    Minimising travel distances and order throughput times in pharmaceutical logistics: BITO Carton Live Storage solution meets customer needs


Our customer

The Herford-based pharmaceutical company SK Pharma Logistics provides warehousing, logistics and distribution services for pharmaceutical and medical products. The range of services includes all stages of logistics, from planning and organisational processing, inventory control, optimised delivery through to individualised distribution. All processes are adapted to the required pharmaceutical needs. In the sensitive goods sector, demand for pharmaceutical products is highest, as they directly ensure well-being, health and often survival. Complying with special safety precautions and strict hygiene standards in terms of storage, handling and shipping as well as maintaining continuous transparency along the supply chain are more than a legal obligation for SK Pharma Logistics. Meeting requirements also reflects the company's conviction that the goods and information entrusted to them should be handled responsibly.

Customer requirements

    • The range of services includes both small orders and large-scale orders.
    • All orders must be processed within the shortest possible time for worldwide shipping.
    • The storage facility must enable short and efficient picking routes.
    • Ensuring fast order throughput times is essential.
    • Strict hygiene standards and safety regulations must be observed.

The BITO Solution

    • BITO PRO pallet racking

    » BITO Carton live storage levels were integrated into BITO PRO pallet racking.

    • Integrated buffer stock

    » In some picking areas, the carton live lanes are topped by pallet buffer levels.

    • Flow shelves in two variants

    » Straight flow shelves as well as flow shelves with an angled picking face ensure convenient and ergonomic product picking.

    • Integrated conveyor technology

    » Non-driven roller conveyors in front of the carton live levels help operators push cartons or boxes to be filled along the picking line. » Powered roller conveyors inside the racking are used to transfer filled cartons to the despatch department.

    • Pick-by-Light order picking

    » A pick-by-light system on the carton live levels shows the product quantity to be picked.

On-site application

    • Paperless order picking with the pick-by-light system
    • Orders are picked into cardboard boxes.
    • An integrated conveyor lane transfers the cartons with picked goods to the goods-out area.
    • Pallet racking on top of the carton live storage lanes serves as buffer stock for refilling the picking lanes at floor level height.

Customer benefits

    • The pick-by-light method saves time and helps to avoid picking errors.
    • The system guarantees short order lead times.
    • Conveyor technology and integrated buffer zones keep picking routes short and save on in-house travel time.

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