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Our customer

Schubert & Salzer Feinguss Lobenstein GmbH is a family run medium-sized company operating with the latest casting technology. Customers from more than 40 industries can choose among 150 standard and customised steel types and grades to have their parts and components formed through investment casting.

Customer requirements

    • All materials are to be stacked in the most efficient and space saving way.
    • At the same time, sufficient rest times must be guaranteed before materials are further processed.
    • Direct access to the various steel alloys
    • The new containers must be appropriate for use on roller conveyor lanes.

On-site application

    • Storage in FIFO order
    • To reduce lane pressure during container outfeeding, every lane has been equipped with a BITO Flow Stop load separator.
    • The SL86 containers are used for keeping steel cuts intended for remelting, but also for moving cast parts to places within the plant.

Customer benefits

    • Compact racking layout to make optimum use of the available space.
    • No time consuming search for the required steel alloy.
    • The BITOBOX SL86 travels smoothly on roller conveyor lanes.
    • Containers are durable and suited for many requirements.
    • Low proper weight allows manual handling of empty containers.
    • Snag-free surfaces enable easy cleaning.

What our customers say

The BITOBOX SL86 really convinced us and fits perfectly into our existing pallet live storage installation.

Dr. Reichenbächer,Member of the Board of Directors

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