Combined solution with mezzanines and various shelving and racking systems


Our customer

MEWA is a textile manufacturer offering an all-round service by supplying customers with re-usable workwear and cleaning wipes.

MEWA delivers industrial textiles, picks up batches to be cleaned, washes them and replaces damaged pieces if necessary.


Initial situation and customer requirements

    • MEWA needed more storage capacity in the same space, i.e. storage density had to be increased.
    • Our customer was looking for a more flexible and efficient storage solution.

The BITO Solution

    • The specific handling requirements of our customer demanded a mix of shelving and racking systems. BITO Modular storage systems were the ideal solution for arranging, combining and customising units to fit different spaces and needs. Several storage systems and picking techniques have been combined into a very efficient solution.
    • An integrated conveyor system links the picking stations.
    • From the beginning, the construction layout and static calculations took further expansion into account.
    • Multi-tier shelving for simultaneous order picking on several levels
    • Rack supported mezzanine floors
    • Mezzanines in the peripheral areas
    • Narrow aisle pallet racking
    • Carton live storage racking

Customer benefits

    • Maximum utilisation of warehouse floor space and building height.
    • The modular layout allows expansion for years to come.
    • Increase in efficiency, reduced throughput times
    • FIFO storage
    • Storage and picking capacities have doubled.

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