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    BITO PROflow pallet live storage guarantees efficient order throughput for high-quality pet food


Our customer

Pet well-being is the goal and commitment of Mera Tiernahrung GmbH from Kevelaer in the Lower Rhine region. The family-run company has more than 60 years of experience in the production of premium pet food for dogs and cats. A strict quality assurance system is being followed in the entire state-of-the-art production process which is audited and certified by independent institutes.

Customer requirements

    • Guarantee high throughput levels.
    • Low / no maintenance costs.
    • Make best use of limited space.
    • Maintain strict hygienic standards.
    • Keep palletised dog food coming from the production lines in a buffer stock until it is picked for shipment.
    • Products must be stored in FIFO order to make sure that best-before dates are observed.

The BITO Solution

    • Buffer store

    » With BITO PROflow pallet live storage, FIFO product buffering is easy.

    • Optimum operational reliability

    » The BITO FlowStop mechanism is almost maintenance free and prevents idle times for order pickers.

On-site application

    • The BITO PROflow pallet racking facility is used as a buffer store.
    • Finished products are stocked in cartons and bags on European standard pallets.
    • FIFO stock rotation
    • Goods are picked order-related from the live storage facility.

Customer benefits

    • Very small space requirement thanks to compact storage in BITO PROflow pallet live racking.
    • The increased storage capacity allows a higher stock turnover rate.
    • FIFO storage ensures easy monitoring of best-before dates.
    • Tiltable roller conveyor lanes allow convenient floor cleaning, essential for food safety and hygiene.

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