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    Mobile shelving reduces travel times by 41%


Our customer

L'Oréal is a wholesaler of cosmetic products. Their warehouse covers an area of 16,000 m² to stock perfumery, make-up and beauty products. Today, the distribution centre supplies 9,300 different product references to all sales outlets in the Benelux and in Scandinavia. The ability to deliver so many product references quickly and efficiently to a large number of shops requires a special approach. When an advertising campaign is launched for a specific product, it is essential that this product is physically available in the shops.


What were L'Oréal's requirements?

    • An additional expansion of the warehouse was necessary in order to cope with a wider product range after the acquisition of the Yves Saint Laurent brand.
    • The growing popularity of online retail requires faster response times for order picking.
    • Prioritising various product ranges according to the planned advertising campaigns must be possible.
    • The new shelving installations must be suited for a wide variety of product sizes.
    • Various products in the L'Oréal range contain gases, which means that they belong to the category of products with a risk of explosion.

How were we able to help L'Oréal?

    • Depending on the planned campaign, a specific picking area can be assigned to a product group. In order to provide maximum flexibility for our customer, we opted for mobile carton live storage racks which are placed on wheeled trolleys. This allows to quickly change the set-up of the order picking area. In addition, we installed shelving with inclined shelves for easy identification of products stored in bins and cartons. Walking distances / travel times in this area are very short, resulting in a high picking performance.
    • Protective mesh cladding around mobile shelving units help to comply with safety regulations for the storage of potentially explosive products.
    • BITO carton live storage racks enable quick adaptation to varying product portfolios. The ergonomic configuration provides easy access to the products. which helps to shorten order throughput times.

Benefits for L’Oréal

    • Live storage racking and shelving with inclined shelves allow more convenient and faster order picking. 10% more storage capacity on the same floor area thanks to the new flexibility in the warehouse layout.
    • Access / travel times within the warehouse have been reduced by 41% by rearranging the mobile shelving units to meet campaign-specific demands.
    • Very positive staff response to carton live storage and shelving with inclined shelves.
    • Easy adaptation of level spacing in static shelving and live storage racks and of aisle width between the shelving units.
    • Safe work environment: Wire-mesh cladding protects staff from potential explosion hazards.

What our customers say:

“The quality of BITO products has proven to be exceptional. Since commissioning in 2002, we have not had to call on BITO once for a technical intervention. BITO racking is virtually maintenance-free and our productivity has increased by 10% thanks to the innovations from BITO.”

Jean-Marc Legrand,Logistics Manager at L’Oréal

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