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    The integration of a multi-tier facility into a pallet racking warehouse improves operational efficiency


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The long-established company Jumbo Textil celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009. Founded in 1909 by Alfred Schnakenberg, the company initially produced narrow textiles such as cords, ribbons and laces by the meter. Today, the company is an innovative partner to industry for high-tech solutions in the field of "technical textiles". For customers from various sectors such as the automotive, outdoor clothing and aviation industries, the company manufactures bespoke products that include non-textile components. In 2016 Jumbo Textil GmbH & Co. KG took up work on the 13,500 sqm site at the new company headquarters in Sprockhövel near Wuppertal. Since then, perfect working conditions, greater process efficiency and innovative technology have helped to increase production capacities for top quality textile solutions.


Initial situation and customer requirements

    • The existing pallet racking system is used to store Euro pallets with unfinished goods, yarn spools and tape reels and provide them for production. The product range comprises about 3,500 articles.
    • The previous storage solution consisted of pallet racking with flow levels at operator reach height and was not what was needed now. Although flow levels can are ideal for high-turnover items, keeping only 10 or 20 tape reels per flow channel is a waste of space. In addition, the number of pallet storage positions was limited.
    • The products are to be stored more efficiently in a space-saving manner. The aim is to create more pallet positions (2,000) in the available storage space.
    • The customer is looking for a professional storage solution for pallets and an optimised solution for small parts.
    • Order pickers work on a single order at a time. Picked goods are transported on a warehouse picking trolley. In addition, entire pallets are to be made available for dispatch.
    • The new storage solution is intended to improve tidiness and provide a better overview of the storage process. All items must be in direct access. In addition, the picking time is to be minimised, thus optimising the order picking process.
    • Several locations are to be integrated into the new process.
    • The general aim is to minimise the risk of accidents in the warehouse.

The BITO Solution

    • The new solution consists of the (downsized) pallet racking facility with integrated multi-tier racking for small parts and palletised goods.
    • The multi-tier installation makes full use of the available warehouse height. On the upper level, products are stored in shelving and on floor-stacked pallets or cartons. The shelving levels are subdivided into compartments by shelf dividers to separate reference lines and make best use of limited space.
    • An integrated lift in the multi-tier system takes pallets and picking trolleys to the required level.
    • By integrating the multi-tier system into the pallet racking facility, travel routes are now much shorter than with the previous storage solution.
    • The fire protection concept is implemented with multiple escape routes and a sprinkler system.

    On-site application

      • The goods-in department was furnished with pallet racking.
      • The solution integrates a multi-tier installation into the pallet racking facility.
      • The multi-tier installation holds small parts and vertically stored spools which are then picked according to customer order. Raw materials for production are also stored there.

    Customer benefits

      • Spools and small parts can now be stored more efficiently in a much smaller space. More pallet storage positions, as the flow shelves on the lower racking levels have been removed.
      • Higher picking performance, improved tidiness and direct access to all items The integrated lift also provides better access.
      • Greater customer satisfaction thanks to faster order picking and order dispatch
      • Reduced walking distances for employees resulting in improved workplace ergonomics
      • Several sites have been integrated into one location.
      • Lower risk of accidents

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