• Johann A. Meyer

    BITO combines several storage systems for efficient and safe storage and picking of a wide product portfolio


Our customer

The Johann A. Meyer GmbH can look back on more than 100 years of company history and, with just under 70 employees, is an experienced and high-performance partner for hygiene, cleaning and care products, cleaning machines and catering items. The company is based in Wildau near Berlin and is a supplier to hospitals, administrations, large companies as well as craft businesses and cleaning service providers in and around Berlin and Saxony, but also throughout Germany.

Customer requirements

    • The company needs a warehouse solution to handle their broad product portfolio efficiently and in compliance with all safety regulations.
    • The turnover rate of the products varies greatly, which means that the storage and picking facilities must be designed accordingly.

The BITO Solution

    • Low level order picking

    » BITO implements a carton live storage system at floor level height from where the goods can be picked according to the First-in First-out (FIFO) principle.

    • Brake rollers

    » The flow channels are equipped with brake rollers which ensure a smooth and controlled movement of the products and avoids damages.

    • Pallet buffer levels on top

    » Pallet racking levels for palletized goods are located above the carton flow levels.

    • Shelving

    » BITO Boltless shelving rounds off the storage solution.

    • Push-back pallet racking

    » The storage solution also includes BITO push-back pallet racking.

On-site application

    • BITO Carton live storage levels are used for products that are picked in small quantities and have a high turnover rate.
    • Items with a small envelope are provided in BITO boltless shelving.
    • BITO pallet racks serve as storage area with the buffer stock for the carton live storage lanes.
    • For mass-produced items, such as toilet paper or disposable towels, the company uses pallet racking.

Customer benefits

    • The storage solution has been adapted to the product variety and the different turnover rates of the articles – the overall equipment includes a compilation of different BITO systems. Each reference line is easily accessible.
    • Supply buffers are provided in the immediate vicinity of the order picking levels, saving long travel times to replenish the feed-through channels.
    • The system enables efficient and ergonomic order picking.
    • Brake rollers in the flow channels ensure that even 5-litre canisters run safely and cleanly over the roller tracks without tipping over.

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