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    Efficient production logistics


Our customer

Hydroware develops, manufactures and sells high-tech drive and control systems for hydraulic lifts. The company has about 100 employees in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. Head office and production are located in Alvesta.


Starting point and customer requirements

    • The company wanted to streamline material supply and reduce production time.
    • In the past, a lot of time was spent looking for and retrieving materials for production.

The BITO Solution

    • Efficient material supply

    » Pallet racking with flow shelves at operator reach height, perfect for supplying items at workplaces or along product lines. With each lane being assigned to a specific item, all items are neatly presented and can be conveniently picked in FIFO order.

    • Separate filling / picking

    » The feed-through shelves are filled with items from the back. The items are stored in boxes that slide on plastic rollers over to the opposite side where they can be picked up as needed.

    • Practical BITO SK "storage bin drawers”

    » Designed for organized storage and ergonomic picking.

On-site application

    • BITO racks are located adjacent to the production line and provide about 40 workstations with materials.
    • Hydroware has a total of 360 flow shelves with space for 3,600 SK storage bins.

Customer benefits

    • Space saving storage
    • Ergonomic solution
    • Efficient material flow
    • Shorter production time

What our customers say

“BITO responded quickly to our request and visited our production to design an optimal solution. We have received very good support throughout the project.”

Oskar Johansson,Production Technician and Project Manager, Hydroware

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