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    BITO Pallet racking PRO and BITO shelving combined in a central warehouse


Our customer

Konrad Hornschuch AG is one of the leading manufacturers of decorative design, functional and foam foils for end users as well as of artificial leather covering for the furniture, construction and automotive industries. Founded in 1898, the Hornschuch group is still headquartered in Weißbach close to Heilbronn, Germany. With some 1,300 employees and a turnover of more than €290 million, the film and foil manufacturer is a market leader in the sector of surface design.

Customer requirements

    • Store all products under one roof, organise fast order picking and reliable shipping.
    • Reduce costs by centralising operations.
    • Make best use of 11,000 sqm of floor space in the existing building to be renovated, in a covered storage area and in a large new building complex.
    • Improve access times and product availability.
    • Guarantee efficient order throughput with a reliable storage solution.
    • Maintain existing workflows, increase storage capacity.

The BITO Solution

    • Combination of several storage systems

    » The central warehouse combines an ideal mix of BITO high-bay narrow aisle pallet racking PRO and BITO shelving.

    • Perfect utilisation of warehouse height

    » The PRO pallet racking block has a height of 20 metres and can accommodate up to 12,500 pallets.

    • Bulk picking

    » Another pallet racking block with some 2,800 pallet positions and a shelving facility in an adjoining building are used for order picking.

    • Individual item picking

    » Flow storage levels have been integrated into pallet racking bays at floor level height to allow convenient picking of non-palletised products.

On-site application

    • The blocks are serviced with two narrow aisle trucks.
    • 2 from 10 narrow aisles have an integrated order picking zone.
    • All pallet racking blocks have been equipped with accessories to improve safety and functionality.
    • A pick zone with 1,200 storage positions provides unit loads in FIFO order.

Customer benefits

    • Many pallet positions per square metre.
    • No delays in order processing and shorter delivery times thanks to the huge product buffer.
    • Orders can now be picked right from the high bay racking block. This reduces access times. The high-density storage facility offers space for a large number of products, resulting in excellent product availability.

What our customers say

Improving logistics at our headquarters creates added value for our customers. We are now able to deliver some 98% of all orders within 2 working days in Germany, Our Europe-wide delivery times are also outstanding. Thanks to centralised warehousing, the company benefits from synergy effects in incoming goods and in transport times between the buffer store and the picking area. Short access times, very good product availability and compact storage are further benefits.

Jens Kleine,Chief Technical Officer at Konrad Hornschuch AG

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