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    More storage capacity with mobile pallet racking


Our customer

Hörmann is known as one of Europe's leading provider of garage doors, entrance and in-house doors, steel doors and door operators for residential and industrial buildings. More than 15 million doors, manufactured in 27 specialist factories, have been delivered around the world since the company was founded. When redesigning the warehouse, the customer was looking for an experienced supplier and competent advice.


Customer requirements

    • Increase storage capacity
    • Optimise the warehouse layout
    • With future expansion in mind, the customer needed a supplier who could guarantee delivery of the same type of pallet racking for years to come.

The BITO Solution

    • BITO installed mobile pallet racking to make optimal use of the available warehouse space while giving access to all pallet positions.
    • With the number of service aisles being reduced to just one aisle which can be opened as required, this solution almost doubles the pallet storage capacity on the same floor area. It is also possible to open several service aisles at a time from an RF-terminal installed in the lift truck or from a hand-held device.
    • Conventional pallet racking is mounted on a mobile base.
    • The mobile bases move on rails embedded in the concrete floor.
    • The rail channels can be milled into the existing hall floor or directly integrated into the flooring of a new building.
    • Guide and support rails can be selected according to pallet weight to ensure optimum travel characteristics and safe storage.

Benefits for the customer

    • Greater storage density with maximum use of the existing warehouse.
    • Shorter forklift routes and less wear and tear.
    • Each pallet is in direct access. Products and pallets must never be moved unnecessarily.

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