• Hörmann

    Mobile pallet racking to achieve greater storage capacity.


Our customer

Hörmann is a company known for its garage doors and doors. More than 15 million doors manufactured in 27 specialized factories have been distributed around the world since the founding of the company. This requires excellent support for the layout of the warehouse.

Customer requirements

    • Increase in storage capacity.
    • A more efficient warehouse layout.
    • A strong partnership so that the warehouse can be expanded with the same types of pallet racking.

The BITO Solution

    • When a company indicates that accessibility at each pallet location must be guaranteed at all times and that the company feels the need to increase its storage capacity, a solution can be found in mobile pallet racking.
    • Increasing the storage density can be achieved by moving the aisles closer to the aisles and the command corridors, where the driver controls the shelving frontally. This approximation may be limited to one or more corridors.
    • Conventional pallet racking is placed on the mobile trolleys.
    • By taking care of moving the rails, we have reduced the space needed.
    • The picking process runs smoothly: the driver can open the corridor in question by using a remote control while heading towards the picking area.
    • The rails can be incorporated in existing floors of the warehouse or can be provided in the works for a new construction project.

Customer benefits

    • Greater storage density with maximum use of the existing warehouse.
    • Low loads for forklifts.
    • Accessibility to each pallet remains maintained. Products and pallets must never be moved unnecessarily.

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