BITO warehouse solution comprising various BITO storage systems – reduced throughput times ensure fast delivery from a huge stock


Our customer

In more than 40 years of company history Eurotape has developed from a versatile service provider in the field of home entertainment and television to an expert on fulfillment. While in the beginning only data carriers were stored, picked, packed, shipped and invoiced, the scope of services has grown enormously today. This expansion was made possible by state-of-the-art merchandise management systems on a warehouse area of 20,500 m². From suppliers in the textile industry to consumer electronics and the publishing sector, they all rely on the company's cross-industry, customer-oriented services for fulfillment. As a specialist and part of the Nordkurier Media Group, Eurotape can handle the entire online trade process for its customers: from the creation of the online shop to the delivery of the products to customer care. It is not about mass, but quality. From small to large-scale entrepreneurs – Eurotape provides the right solution for every customer. These services are complemented by experienced logistics partners and marketing professionals. Eurotape delivers worldwide.

Customer requirements

    • There is a storage area of 20,500 m² to design.
    • In the logistics centre, 15,000,000 items are stored by various customers.
    • 19,500,000 items are shipped around the world each year.
    • The nationwide delivery takes place within 24 hours – hence, the continuous availability of all products must be ensured in order to ensure fast delivery to the customers.
    • Small orders of 4 to 5 items as well as large orders with 500 to 1,500 items are to be processed.

The BITO Solution

    • Multi-tier solution combining several storage systems

    » BITO installs a multi-tier system, combining BITO shelving, BITO carton live storage and BITO pallet racking.

On-site application

    • On 30,000 storage positions and over 10,584 carton live storage lanes, the diverse range of articles of various customers is stored and made available for picking.
    • The goods are picked on several levels of the multi-tier shelving and racking solution.
    • The second level also serves as a buffer store for pallets and can be converted into a picking area at any time.

Customer benefits

    • The throughput times have been significantly reduced by the installation of the BITO storage solution.
    • The productivity of the individual order pickers has been increased.
    • The installation of the multi-tier system ensures that the available storage space can be used optimally.
    • A flexible design offers many expansion options.

What our customers say

The combination of shelving and live storage has paid off very quickly here, because we handle up to 80 % of all stored items every day.

Holger Michael,Operations Manager EUROTAPE

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