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    BITO XLmotion containers for flexible and efficient storage


Our customer

The Electraline Group is an international leader in the production and marketing of electrical equipment for the large-scale retail trade of DIY and food. The group was born in the late 90s with the acquisition of other companies that had been operating in the same production and sales area for many years. Electraline Group has made the experience of its subsidiaries its own and over the years has operated with the aim of specializing the production units as much as possible, trying to maintain the flexibility necessary to provide excellent customer service.

In 2016, Electraline invested more than €1 million in the construction of an automated warehouse to manage 2,100 out of a total of 3,300 references.


The BITO Solution

    • 7,800 XLmotion containers
    • BLUE custom colour
    • Base equipped with drainage holes for the sprinkler system
    • Internal subdivision from 1/2 to 1/16, adjustable to requirement
    • Application of barcode labels

Storage facility features

    • Logistics area of 2,600 sqm on two levels
    • Automated warehouse capacity 7,906 storage units
    • 7,100 storage units in constant rotation
    • 3,300 references in total; 2,100 references are managed in the automated warehouse

Customer benefits

    • Internal subdivision from 1/2 up to 1/16, so as to optimize its use, based on the actual storage needs of the moment
    • Greater volume, compared to same size containers on the market
    • Low-noise traveling on roller conveyors with an average of 63 dB (against the average values ​​of 67dB for other commercially available double base containers and 71 dB for containers with a reinforced base)
    • Reduction of picking errors by up to 95%

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