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    Enormous space savings: Automated feeding with BITO Automated Storage and Retrieval (ASRS) and Carton Live storage solution


Our customer

In 1973, the first DM market opened in Kalrsruhe. Today, dm is present as a dealer for drug products in fourteen European countries with around 3,862 stores, more than 2,069 of them in Germany. In order to make shopping at dm an experience, 66,076 people work in Europe - including 42,663 in Germany. From the logistics center in Weilerswist near Cologne and the distribution center in Waghäusl, Baden-Wuerttemberg, the total of approx. 12,500 different, incoming articles are compiled for the individual dm markets and distributed to all branches.

Customer requirements

    • Installation of the dm distribution center Weilerswist near Cologne
    • The large variety of articles from approx. 12,500 articles must be compiled - in detail by the industrial companies - in the logistics center for the individual dm markets
    • It is a fast, efficient picking to ensure
    • The storage of the enormous variety of goods should be carried out efficiently on as little space as possible

The BITO Solution

    • Automated picking

    » BITO installed FIFO Carton Live Storage fed automatically at the rear with an Automated Crane from products stored in the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

    • Integrated conveyor technology

    » A conveyor system is integrated for the removal of the order containers

Storage facility features

    • 36 rack aisles with Automated Storage and Retrieval racking (ASRS)
    • Automated Cranes automatically feed the flow channels and the replenishment side
    • From the flow channels, the goods are picked manually into the order containers
    • Picking takes place via tan intergrated pick-by-light system

Customer benefits

    • The BITO rack system leads to an area saving of 30%
    • The workplaces are designed ergonomically
    • The system ensures high picking performance with short order throughput times

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