Partial conversion of an existing pallet racking warehouse for more efficiency and high flexibility - with BITO ‘Rack Tuning’


Our customer

The company has approximately 27,450 employees and 405 locations worldwide. In Germany, some 14,316 employees work for the logistics company at 69 locations.

Customer requirements

    • For the Kempten logistics centre, the picking processes within the existing standard pallet racking warehouse are to be optimized.
    • The order lead times must be shorter.
    • The picking system needs a high degree of flexibility, because the load sizes to be picked vary or change.

The BITO Solution

    • 'Rack tuning’ with BITO Adaptaflow modules

    » The existing BITO pallet racking warehouse will be retrofitted and the lower levels will be replaced by BITO Adaptaflow modules. These are easy to install and remove.

    • The Adaptaflow modules use the existing racking structure and convert into FIFO flow beds

    » The gravity flow levels are equipped with roller rails as roller bed. This allows products of all shapes and sizes to move to the picking face as smooth as possible without the need for individual lane adjustment.

    • Universal lane dividers

    » The levels are divided into individual lanes using universal dividers. These dividers take seconds to relocate and can be adjusted by warehouse operatives.

Storage facility features

    • For particularly heavy loads with critical start-up characteristics, the roller tracks can be replaced by galvanised steel roller conveyors.

Customer benefits

    • For particularly heavy unit loads with critical start-up and travel characteristics, roller tracks can be replaced by full-width rollers.
    • The use of BITO Adaptaflow lanes guarantees the logistics company the greatest possible flexibility when picking loads with very different weights.
    • Efficient order picking: There are now 50 flow channels per racking bay instead of the original six single-reference pallets.

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