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    High availability and good shelf utilization: BITO Carton Live acts as a flexible storage solution


Our customer

BorgWarner Turbo Systems is a leading global supplier of innovative charging systems and a competent partner to the automotive industry. In the power range of 20-1000 kW engine output per exhaust gas turbocharger, BorgWarner offers a wide range of turbochargers for cars and commercial vehicles as well as for industrial, locomotive and marine engines. The company is based in Kirchheimbolanden in the Palatinate. There the assembly of the charging systems takes place in two factories.

Customer requirements

    • Containers of different sizes and weights must be stored
    • First In First Out (FIFO) Principle must be adhered to
    • All parts should be clearly arranged and flexible for assembly
    • In the level, the storage of multiple stacked trays is necessary

The BITO Solution

    • BITO Carton Live with Widespan Framework

    » BITO builds the BITO Carton Live Storage Solution for the automotive supplier

    • Brake Roller

    » The individual lanes for storing heavy containers are equipped with brake rollers. These Brake rollers allow for a safe and smooth speed of descent toward the flowshelf front.

    • BITO Small Parts Shelving

    » As support for single parts

Storage facility features

    • The automotive supplier stores all small parts in the BITOBOXEN KLT in the through-flow racks
    • The levels of the flow racks for light containers are set at a high inclination. This improves the running characteristics of the containers.
    • Components of a mounting unit are stored on one level. So that heavy containers can be stored on the same level as light containers, the ‘heavy’ item lanes are equipped with brake rollers - so nothing can fall down

Customer benefits

    • The shelving solution enables high availability of the assembly parts on one level
    • A good use of space at every level is possible through the use of stackable trays
    • The system offers a high degree of flexibility in order to be able to provide all required assembly parts clearly

Das sagt unser Kunde

Schwere Ladungsträger müssen wir bei diesem Gefälle abbremsen – mit den Bremsrollen ist das jetzt aber kein Problem mehr.

Heiko Koch, Operational Logistics BorgWarner

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