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    High process reliability: BITO Combine Carton Live, Widespan and Pallet Racking solutions.


Our customer

AVE (Absolute Vegan Empire) - Europe's first vegan wholesaler based in Nabburg / Bavaria - has established itself since its founding in 2001 as an internationally sustainable company with 85 permanent employees. Over the years, a close network of like-minded external partners has developed, with more than 5,000 active customers from all over the world shopping at AVE. According to the basic principle of sustainability, regional products, producers and suppliers are promoted and long-standing customer and supplier relationships maintained. The products are sold to retailers and through an online store. With over 900 items available for wholesale and over 2,500 vegan items for ALLESVEGETARIAN.DE, AVE today offers a full line of vegan lifestyle products.

Customer requirements

    • Because of the constant growth of the company, the construction of a new logistics center was required
    • The order picking must be carried out according to the FiFo principle
    • The picking of up to 2,000 small orders for the online shop must be carried out daily
    • Up to 150 wholesale orders must be processed per day

The BITO solution

    • Multi Tier Racking

    » BITO implemented Carton Live with Widespan and Pallet Racking in a multi-tier racking system

    • Structural Steel Floor

    » An integrated steel mezzanine platform allows picking on two levels

    • Transport Conveyor

    » a powered conveyor system transports the containers with the picked goods to the dispatch area

    • Integrated buffer storage

    » In the lower part of the racking system, pallet racks with continuous levels are installed as buffer storage

    • Stack and Nest style MB containers

    » The plastic containers BITO MB are used for order picking. With movable carry rails for Stack or Nest capability.

Storage facility features

    • AVE picks the small orders from the Carton Live flow shelves
    • The goods are picked into the reusable containers BITO MB
    • The commissioning of large orders is carried out by electric hand pallet trucks
    • After commissioning, the orders from the dry storage and fresh food area are combined and packed

Customer benefits

    • The available storage space is optimally utilized
    • The order picking according to the FiFo principle ensures compliance with the best before dates
    • All processes are perfectly matched to the various sales channels of the company

Customer statement

The quality products of BITO are increasing.

Jörg Kerber, Head of Logistics AVE

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