• Anita Bodywear

    Various shelving systems combined in a multi-tier installation


Our customer

Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH is a manufacturer and retailer of lingerie and swimwear for expectant mothers. The regularly changing collection can also be ordered online.


Initial situation and customer requirements

    • Manual order picking was to be streamlined to increase picking performance.
    • In order to achieve this goal, product storage had to be re-organised according to the results of an ABC inventory classification.
    • More storage capacity was needed within the existing warehouse.

The BITO Solution

    • Space utilisation was doubled by implementing a multi-tier system combining shelving and carton live storage racks.
    • By using standard shelving as a basis, we were able to realise the multi-tier facility with a minimum additional cost.
    • A-items are stored in carton live storage racks, B-items and C-items in shelving units.

Customer benefits

    • The multi-tier installation makes maximum use of the available warehouse volume.
    • There is enough storage capacity to accommodate the growing product assortment.
    • Compact storage and direct access to products, product storage in FIFO order.
    • Product replenishment and picking are carried out in separate aisles to allow undisturbed working.
    • Competitive pricing.

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