Deterrent against unauthorised access


Security seals are an effective way to deter tampering with goods shipped in BITO bins and containers.

Highly sensitive goods such as medicines, laboratory samples or vaccines are well protected in BITO plastic containers. This is why our robust, durable and sealable plastic containers are used by many pharmacies, clinics and pharmaceutical wholesalers or pharmaceutical manufacturers for storing and transporting sensitive contents. BITO containers are also appreciated in the automotive and electronics industries, where they are used to secure spare parts logistic services or for shipping electronic components. Whether it's pharmaceuticals, automobiles, electronics, shipment of documents or valuable goods - the following applies to all areas: safety and protection of a shipment has top priority.

The BITO transport and distribution container series come with multiple equipment options that are tailored to specific applications. They can be closed with a lid to protect sensitive or valuable contents from damage and dust. In order to increase the level of protection of the contents and to secure them against unauthorised access, the BITOboxes can additionally be sealed with single-use seals.

The small closures from high-quality plastic are highly effective in multiple ways:
They securely lock the lid which can only be opened by removing the seal, thereby destroying it in the process. This deters unauthorised interference and allows to immediately detect whether the content has been accessed without permission.

The seals are available in a variety of colours and can also be supplied in customised colours. In addition, BITO seals are also available with sequential numbering, imprinted messages or barcodes. This makes each seal unmistakably unique.

Any information that is necessary for the identification and registration of the containers or their contents is indelibly engraved onto the disposable seals by laser to protect your goods from tampering.

Use our free BITO Seal+Track app to scan and match barcodes!

New to the range: barcode numbers plus removable labels
New to the range are seals with barcode numbers and additional removable labels. The labels can be pasted on the accompanying documents to enable the recipient to easily cross-check numbers.

The seals are available for all container series that can be closed with a lid, such as BITO multi-purpose containers MB, BITO XL containers and BITO folding boxes EQ.

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