• Industrial finishing

    Production relies on robust, intelligent storage solutions.


Customer requirements

Industrial production - be it metal processing, the chemical industry or large plant construction - depends on reliable, robust and flexible logistical systems. Raw materials and semi-finished products must be available exactly when they are needed. Transparent stock levels and material flows, enabled by RFID and barcodes, are one of a number of critical elements in production logistics. As technological development continues to accelerate, intralogistics must respond by coordinating increasingly flexible product volumes and variants. In industrial production, perfectly-balanced logistics forms the basis for a leap forward in the international market.


    • Shorter development times and product life cycles mean that flexible, dynamic logistical systems are required.
    • Customisable warehouses are needed to handle the growing number of product variants and fluctuating stock levels.
    • Reliable, intelligent storage systems using barcodes and RFID integrate seamlessly into material flows.

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