• E-commerce & retail

    Modern multichannel sales require flexible intralogistics that grow to meet the challenges you face.


Customer requirements

The subject of e-commerce is more visible than ever, and annual growth rates of 10% show its enormous potential - and not just in Europe. Since this growth trend is expected to continue in future, many distribution centres are now faced with the need to redesign or constantly update their approach to logistics. In particular, the ongoing development of innovative, efficient storage and shelving systems for e-commerce plays an essential role in the success of the business model. Omnichannel and multichannel sectors alike combine classical storage and distribution methods with e-commerce. A clear trend towards automation can therefore be observed among experienced e-commerce users.
From small picking jobs to returns management, BITO provides systems for both omni- and multichannel sales.


    • Customers no longer think in terms of sales channels. Constant availability and high quality service are expected both online and in physical branches.
    • A high degree of market transparency results in demand for constantly innovating, first class logistical and shipping services.
    • Product diversity is increasing dramatically, and even sensitive goods such as fresh groceries need to be delivered in top condition.
    • Efficient returns management is critical to success in a number of sectors.
    • E-commerce businesses need partners who can accompany them as they grow from garage warehouses to giant logistical centres. High scalability contributes significantly to successful growth.