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Cantilever racking for lightweight to medium weight loads

    • You need to store long and bulky goods.
    • Rather than just fork lift trucks alone, you also want to use manual picking tools with your racking system.

Cantilever racking for heavy duty applications

    • You store long, bulky and particularly heavy goods.
    • You need to use fork lift trucks or cranes with your racking system.

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The system

This flexible racking system lets you store long items such as profiles and piping, as well as flat items such as wood and steel plates and other bulky construction components.

The rack consists of columns and cantilever arms and can be configured for either single or double sided use. Depending on the chosen coating, the racks can be used indoors (plastic-coated or painted) or outdoors (hot-dip galvanised).

BITO customises the dimensions of each individual component. Depending on the size and weight of the goods stored, and the available space, we design the system to meet your exact needs and integrate it into your existing warehouse and logistical operations.

We offer a broad range of uprights and cantilever arm profiles with numerous material strengths and designs.

Depending on the height and weight of the goods stored, we offer three different options: cantilever racking for light (type L), medium (type S) and extra-heavy (ES) loads. By combining these types with the right accessories, we can meet your specific needs and desires.

Our products, and the professionally planned customised racking systems for long loads, are based initially on your unique data (warehouse size and equipment, existing foundation, type of goods stored).

Foto Kragarmregal
Foto Kragarmregal
Kragarmregal Typ S, einseitige Nutzung
Kragarmregal Typ S, einseitige Nutzung

Light and medium weight goods (Type L and S)

The light to medium load variant of the cantilever racking system consists of uprights with cantilever arms, adjustable in intervals of 60 mm without the need for bolts. Cantilever arms and shelves are easily assembled and adjusted, as they do not need any bolts or screws.

The racking system can be expanded as required and can be configured for single or double sided use. Item weight permitting, goods can be stored and picked by hand. However, the system is also compatible with all modern service vehicles. The system is also ideal for automated use.

Extra-heavy goods (Type ES)

Cantilever racking for extra-heavy goods is assembled and adjusted with screws. Cantilever arms and shelves are height adjustable in 50 mm or 100 mm increments. The uprights and cantilever arms consist of solid hot-rolled IPE steel profiles, making them particularly robust and resilient. They can be configured for single or double sided use.

Cantilever racking for extra-heavy goods should only be used in combination with lift trucks or a crane, depending on its height and the goods stored.


Your benefits

General benefits

    • Visible and well organised storage

    » In cantilever racking systems, long and bulky goods are clearly and correctly stored. You can quickly access all items inside.

    • Efficient use of warehouse space

    » BITO cantilever racking is customised to suit your existing warehouse space, making the best possible use of the warehouse's floor space and volume.

    • For indoor and outdoor use

    » BITO cantilever racking is available in galvanised and varnished versions. Depending on the surface treatment, it can be used either indoors or outdoors. A canopy guarantees that goods stored outside will be kept dry.

    • Single and double sided configuration

    » The system allows the rack to be used from either side.

    • Relatively low investment costs

    » Low setup costs make the system one of the more cost-effective solutions available.

    • Versatile applications

    » The storage system is highly flexible, easy to expand and ideal for storing a wide range of bulky items.

    • Rapid assembly

    » BITO cantilever racking can be quickly and easily assembled and refitted as it uses a relatively small number of components.

Type L and S benefits:

    • Assembly without bolts

    » The boltless system can be adjusted in 60 mm intervals without the need for screws or bolts.

    • Easy to refit

    » Cantilever arms and shelves can be quickly and easily adjusted to meet your needs.

Type ES benefits:

    • Variable height options

    » The screwed-on cantilever arms are height adjustable in 50 mm or 100 mm increments.

    • Easy to assemble

    » Thanks to its limited number of components, assembling this racking system is quick and easy.


Components & options

End stops/Dividers (type L and S)

    • Helps to prevent goods from rolling or sliding away
    • 60 mm or 150 mm high

    » End stops and dividers are available for BITO cantilever racking in heights of 60 mm and 150 mm. They can be screwed onto the end of a cantilever arm or the long slots can be used to divide a cantilever arm from front to back. Both of these components can be installed on the cantilever arms or on the column feet. This helps to prevent light or low-friction items from rolling or sliding away.

Steel shelves/Cantilever arms (type L and S)

Kragarmregal Typ L mit Schrägböden 02
Kragarmregal Typ L mit Rohrkragarmen 02
Kragarmregal Typ L mit Schrägböden 02
Kragarmregal Typ L mit Rohrkragarmen 02
    • Inclined shelves with front retaining edge
    • Tubular arms can be positioned anywhere along the support rail

    » Type L and S cantilever racking can be expanded with additional flat or inclined shelves with a front retaining edge. These are installed on the cantilevers and are available in depths of 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm.

    » For the column feet, optional base shelves are available which can be laid on top of them.

    » Your cantilever racking can be optionally fitted with support rails for tubular arms and the tubular arms themselves. These can be positioned anywhere along the support rail.

Wire and chipboard panels

    • Available in customised formats

    » Depending on your needs and desires, we can plan and fabricate wire or chipboard panels for your cantilever racking system.

Arm bridges (type ES)

Kragarmregal Armbrücken Typ ES
Kragarmregal Armbrücken Typ ES
    • To store pallets or for reinforcement

    » The arm bridges, which can be screwed onto the uprights, can be used to store pallets or to reinforce chipboard panels or mesh decks.

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