• Our philosophy

    BITO - An innovative, visionary spirit rooted in tradition

Maximum quality - full of humanity

BITO's history is already an extraordinary one. The Bittmann family started in 1845 as a family operation producing metal ornaments and fittings for the leather goods industry. Today, BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH is one of the leading producers and suppliers of all imaginable facets of storage technology.

In between, the company has produced jointless thin-walled hollow brass balls for the jewellery and fashion accessory industries, and from 1935 it produced a wide range of mass-produced items ranging from coffee filters to zipper chains. Magdalene Bittmann - the mother of Fritz August Bittmann - continued to run the company based on this principle during the Second World War. In 1959, the fourth generation took over the company in the form of Fritz August Bittmann. Together with his father, Fritz Bittmann managed to lead BITO into the world of storage technology.

Fritz August Bittmann's heart and soul are still tied to the fortunes of his company today. Over all of the years he ran this company, he actively practised its traditional yet always visionary spirit, making his own philosophy that of the company as well: innovate and remain ahead of the pack in development and technology, produce nothing but top-quality products with maximum precision, and always offer added value to customers. All of this was complemented by a pronounced belief in customer service.

Meanwhile, of course, BITO's employees can be considered its most valuable asset. Significant value is placed on mutual listening, working for the benefit of all and remaining on good terms with one another.

With significant engagement and a far-sighted approach, this constantly growing company is today led by its two managing directors, Winfried Schmuck and Werner Magin. Now as ever, they act based on the philosophy and values that the company has always practised.

    • Perfection is our passion

    Designing and producing storage technology means manufacturing products and systems that offer maximum stability and a long service life. Such solutions often mean high investment costs for our customers. We are always fully aware of the responsibility that comes with this. Perfectionism, and compliance with the strictest possible quality standards, are therefore not just demands to be considered as a matter of course - they are our passion.

    • A focus on customers and a spirit of innovation

    The customer's requirements are our standard for the development and implementation of our storage systems. Regardless of the size of the company served, we design completely new storage centres or optimise existing systems. In a constant process of self-improvement, we ensure that our customers can count on outstanding products and internal processes that work as well as they expect.

    • Constant quality testing, maximum safety

    Our products offer quality standards well above the average and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. They fully comply with the latest safety regulations for warehouse equipment and machinery and are in line with the most demanding safety requirements. Stability, carrying capacity and raw materials are constantly independently tested. Strict quality controls form a key component of the production process, from sales through development and finishing to final delivery.

    • Our employees are our greatest asset

    Products and storage systems can only be made to our high standards if everyone involved feels an appropriate sense of responsibility and works with passion. Our success as a provider in the logistics sector is the sum of all of our employees’ efforts - highly motivated and exceptionally qualified. We know to value and recognise these efforts.

    • Long-term thinking is our responsibility

    Long-term company management means working in harmony with individuals, society, our local region and our environment. We renew our commitment to this concept every day. We make use of environmentally-friendly construction processes and recyclable materials. Our steel is reused and plastic containers which go out of service become granulate for recycled products. To engage responsibly with the future and to preserve a liveable future for the generation to come.

    • Corporate government - our engagement

    At BITO, we see ourselves as a business with deep roots in our community. Regional responsibility is therefore a critical challenge which we set ourselves! This naturally includes job creation and security. By promoting culture and sport, and supporting social institutions and projects of all kinds, we hope to serve as a reliable pillar of the community for the people of our city and our wider home.


Dean Lawrence

Managing director