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    Keep cool - we have the ideal bin for your e-grocery business!


Space-saving & versatile

Are you looking for the perfect bin system to support your online grocery business especially on the last mile to your customer’s doorstep? Then the BITOBOX MB Food & Delivery is your choice! The system consists of an MB container, modular thermo insert boxes, cool packs and dividers. With 600 × 400 × 373 mm, the MB box is ideally sized to accommodate many different food packaging dimensions in a space-saving way. MB boxes can be subdivided as needed, for example with thermo insert boxes made of expandable polypropylene (EPP) to allow use in different conditions such as in dry storage or in cold storage areas. Thermo insert boxes are available in several sizes which means that MB Food & Delivery boxes can be subdivided into different temperature zones. Cold packs ensure that ideal temperatures are maintained in the delivery box. In order to keep temperatures within the optimum range range in refrigerated food transport vehicles and in cold stores, the MB Food & Delivery Box is also available with vented sides on request. Containers with vented sides also have the advantage of a lower weight which means less strain for your staff. Dividers ensure that nothing slips, tips over or spills. When the containers are empty, they can be nested to save space.


Perfect, if...

    • you need a reliable grocery shipping bin system with optimum dimensions to suit a wide variety of product packaging
    • you want to reduce the number of packages per customer products with various temperature requirements are to be shipped in one and the same container
    • you need to save space by nesting empty containers
    • you are looking for a multi-trip system and want to avoid packaging waste at the customer's place

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Your benefits

    • Bottles can be safely transported in an upright position Dividers ensure that nothing slips, tips over and leaks
    • Modular thermo inserts help to create various temperature zones to allow safe transport of dairy products and frozen products Additionally, cool packs can also be used for further space subdivision
    • For convenient handling, the upper edge of the long sides comes with bag holder notches.
    • Security seals and the lid offer even greater protection during transport
    • The bin is made from food safe, recyclable plastic. With its sturdy design, high load capacity and resistance to wear and tear it is perfect for use in closed-loop distribution
    • Optionally available with stacking seats or permanently attached lid

Product variations and accessories

The all-in-one grocery shopping box!

BITOBOX MB Food & Delivery

Variations Closed sides
Dimensions W x L x H 600 x 400 x 373 mm
Volume 67 l
Load capacity 25 kg
Stacking load 140 kg
Colours lemon green, blue-grey
Optional extras Sides with bag holder notches, stacking seats, permanently hinged lid

Thermo insert box

Format 1 full-size box 2x half-size boxes Perforated divider
Dimensions W x L x H 358 x 528 x 352 mm 358 x 263 x 352 mm 298 x 25 x 294 mm
Material EPP EPP EPP

Cold packs

Format full-height half-height
Dimensions (W x L x H) 296 x 25 x 294 mm 292 x 25 x 117 mm
Weight 1800 g 700 g
Melting point 0°C / -21 °C 0°C / -21 °C
Application chilled and frozen products chilled and frozen products


    • Single use security seals

    » Suited for all MB and XL containers sized 800 x 600 mm. They prevent tampering and opportunistic theft. 2 security seals required per container.

    • Barcoded security seals

    » Single use security seals with consecutive 8-digit numbering (barcode/human-readable format)

    • Transport dolly

    » Suited for multi-purpose containers MB sized 600 x 400 mm

    • Drop-on lid

    » Reliable protection against soiling

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