• Schmersal

    The BITOBOX SL86 provides compact storage without compromising on mobility and flexibility.


Our customer

The Schmersal group, headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, develops and manufactures some 25,000 mechanical and electrosensitive switching devices, which is the largest range in the world for the protection of man and machine. The product portfolio ranges from micro-switches and sensor-based solutions to heavy-duty switching devices.

Customer requirements

    • Replace the unhandy mesh box pallets and heavy weight steel containers in use by an alternative load carrier.
    • The new load carrier must be good for high load capacities and have a long service life.
    • Appropriateness for all storage and transport requirements.
    • Easier handling and a better use of storage volume compared to mesh box pallets.

Customer benefits

    • Substantial gain of space in production and storage areas as the 800x600 mm format allows to fill small spaces.
    • Reduced space requirements by stacking containers.
    • Near 100% availability since the SL86 is not prone to repairs. Empty containers can be moved without powered service vehicles.
    • In contrast to a mesh box pallet, two SL86 containers fit the dimensions of a European standard pallet, do not project and are therefore suited for high bay storage.
    • Best operational performance with easy-to-handle drop-door
    • Instant product identification and immediate access to all product lines.

Customer statement

Handling is much easier now. Our operators can now pick materials without effort and in an ergonomic working posture. On top of this, we saved a lot of storage space.

Adrian Hergarten manages material flows to keep operations running in the processing areas.

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