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    • You want to store, pick or transport goods and articles in a secure, protective, space-efficient container.
    • You want to store your goods in containers on European-size pallets and need to save as much storage space as possible.
    • You want to use the surface area and volume inside a HGV as efficiently as possible when shipping and transporting your goods.
    • You need to know for sure that containers are safely stackable even when heavily loaded.

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BITO storage and transport containers and bins

  • Eurostapelbehälter XL in der Standardausführung 01

    BITO XL European size stacking containers

    • Multifaceted with many options

    The BITO XL European size stacking container is BITO’s most multifaceted storage container series. A range of standard European sizes and configuration options allow you to store and transport your goods based on your exact needs.

  • Eurostapelbehälter BN mit durchbrochenen Wänden

    BITO Standard BN European size stackable container

    • A classic universal container with a wide range of versions

    The BITO Standard BN is a universally-applicable plastic container available with closed or perforated walls in a wide range of sizes.

  • Kleinladungsträger KLT mit und ohne zweiteiligem Klappdeckel

    BITO KLT small parts container

    • Secure even under heavy loads

    The BITO KLT picking container for automated small parts storage installations is BITO’s most stable and robust box, designed for particularly heavy loads. Its ergonomically shaped hand grips mean it is also ideal for manual handling.


Your benefits

General benefits

    • Safely stackable

    » The dimensions of the boxes are designed to match standard European-sized pallets. This avoids inaccuracy when placing the boxes on pallets. This means that the containers can be easily stacked on pallets for transport.

    • A broad range of accessories

    » A wide range of accessories are available for the complete BITO storage and transport container system, including hinged lids and security seals.

    • Colour selection

    » With a minimum order of 200 bins, you can choose the colour of the plastic boxes yourself.

    • 5 year warranty

    » We offer a five-year warranty on all of our container systems!

Benefits & advantages of the BITO XL European size container

  • Eurostapelbehälter XL in verschiedenen Größen stapelbar
    • Wide range of sizes

    » This range of stacking boxes is available in 20 different sizes, with a range of heights and numerous wall types available. The bins can be supplied with pick openings or with perforated or closed sides, depending on your requirements.

  • Detailansicht Eurostapelbehälter mit verschiedenen Bodenvarianten
    • Wide range of base options

    » Five different base options, a continuous all-round line and rounded corner uprights ensure that these stackable containers move safely and without disruption along conveyor belts.

  • Zubehör für Eurostapelbehälter XL
    • A broad range of accessories

    » An extensive selection of accessories is available for the BITO XL series. Numerous additional options - from insert bins to subdividers, drop-on lids and dust covers - make this picking and storage box usable everywhere.

  • Detailansicht Eurostapelbehälter mit Plomben
    • Protection and safety

    » The BITO XL is optionally available with interlocking hinged lids. If desired, the lids can be securely fastened with single-use seals, protecting the box’s contents from unauthorised access and potential damage during storage or transport.

Benefits & advantages of the BITO Standard BN

  • Detailansicht der durchbrochenen Wand bei einem Eurostapelbehälter BN
    • Perforated sides

    The BITO Standard BN with perforated sides is lighter than closed-wall containers, with a clearly visible interior, making it exceptionally well-suited for use with products such as those that need to be kept cool or dried quickly.

  • Detailansicht des Griffverschlusses für Eurostapelbehälter BN
    • Easy to handle.

    » The container is equipped with open hand grips. This makes the box easy to handle manually; the box can also be easily dragged or carried even when fully loaded.

  • Gruppenbild Eurostapelbehälter BN
    • Universally applicable

    » This series of plastic containers is available in a wide variety of dimensions, including numerous heights and wall types. The bins can be supplied with pick openings at the front or sides, and with perforated or closed sides, depending on your requirements.

    • Highly robust

    » The base design and sides of the BITO Standard BN are designed to be highly stable, allowing it to be used for even the heaviest of loads.

Benefits & advantages of the BITO KLT small parts container

  • mögliches Zubehör für Kleinladungsträgerbehälter KLT
    • Optimum safety

    » Three different base options (standard, ribbed or double base), a continuous all-round line and rounded corner uprights enable the box to move safely and smoothly along conveyor belts. The small parts container is optionally available with a hinged folding lid to protect against dust. If necessary, the lid can also be securely closed using single-use seals. This protects the box’s contents against unauthorised access and potential damage during storage and transport.

  • Detailansicht des ergonomisch geformten Griff von einem Kleinladungsträger KLT
    • Easy to handle

    » The container handle has been designed with a pocket grip for optimal handling. This specialist design protects the user’s hands while carrying the box and also makes it easy to drag - even when heavily loaded.

  • Gruppenbild der Kleinladungsträgerbehälter KLT
    • Ideal usage

    » The BITO KLT is available in a number of different sizes with a wide range of accessories. Its sides are closed, making its full internal volume usable for storage.

    • Maximum stability and resilience

    » This storage container stands out thanks to its exceptionally high stability. It is ideal for storing and transporting very heavy loads. It is designed to handle loads of up to 500kg!

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