• Pilsner Urquell

    Storage capacity tripled with BITO PROflow pallet racking.


Our customer

The name Pilsner Urquell alone is enough to inspire all beer lovers. Since the first Pilsner beer was brewed in October 1842, the brand name which was registered internationally in 1898 never lost its fascination. Today, the renowned brewery belongs to South African Breweries (SAB), one of the world’s largest brewers.

Customer requirements

    • All off-premises depots were merged into one central depot for export orders.
    • Reduce transportation costs.
    • Increase throughput to 120 delivery trucks instead of 100 trucks per day.
    • Compensation of seasonal peaks.
    • Required delivery times to be kept to a minimum.

Storage facility features

    • The new depot is used as order picking store for complete pallet loads, but also accommodates smaller packaging units of bottled and canned beer.
    • Smaller packaging units are picked from push-back pallet racking, full pallet loads are retrieved from the pallet live storage installation.
    • The pallet live storage installation provides 2,000 pallet positions. Each lane can accommodate up to pallets in FIFO order.

Customer benefits

    • Storage capacity has tripled from 700 to more than 2000 pallets.
    • Undisrupted handling without damage increases delivery quality and minimises customer claims.
    • Seasonal peaks can now be compensated easily.

Customer statement

The new storage facility from BITO helps us cope with seasonal peaks and ensures complete and timely delivery of all orders. By merging several small storage locations into one distribution centre, we were not only able to reduce transport and handling costs, but also to increase storage capacity from 700 to more than 2,000 pallets. All advantages considered, we expect a payback period of 2 years only.

Denis Milfait, Supply Chain Development & Support Manager

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