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About the customer

Petworld are specialists in animal feed and pet articles, and the company sells to customers throughout Scandinavia. Since the beginning in 1998, the chain has grown to 31 local stores in Denmark (ed. 2018) and an online shop.
Each store has more than 5,000 different items on the shelves for e.g. dog, cat, bird, rodent and aquarium fish. Some stores have up to 8,000 item numbers. This means that the stores handle both light and heavy goods such as cat litter, feed or aquariums on a daily basis.
The goal for Petworld's webshop is that all orders are sent from the warehouse in Aarhus on the same day as they are received, provided that the order is received before 14.00. Currently, approx. 80% of all orders placed before 15.00 shipped the same day. The customer receives the goods within one to three working days.
Petworld is Danish owned, and the company currently employs approx. 300 employees. Petworld and BITO have been collaborating since the year 2000.

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Customer needs

    • handling of between 5,000 to 8,000 item numbers in the stores
    • handling of 8,000 item numbers in central warehouse, of which approx. 60 numbers are deleted, and approx. 60 new ones are added every month
    • efficient and fast processing of the many daily webshop orders and timely delivery - requires a proper and good stock overview
    • continuous remodeling in the stores - requires high flexibility at all levels and mutual sharing of stock
    • bright stores with storage racks that not only provide an open environment, but the racks must also be of high quality to ensure the movement of customers and staff
    • great product variety from light bird toys to heavy items such as cat litter, feed and aquariums. The heavy goods fill 50% of the warehouse
    • strong growth with 4 to 5 new stores per. years - something only a stable stock supplier can live up to

Solutions from BITO

    • Pallet racks PRO

    » Stable and reliable shelves that can carry the heavy items and provide an overview of the web warehouse

    • Long span racks PRO

    » Petworld uses BITO's shelves at heights of 1,500, 1,700 and 2,500 mm in stores. It has provided an open and inviting store interior, where larger and heavier items are located in the outer areas of the stores

Benefits for Petworld

    • Flexible solution where furniture can be moved between the shops in connection with. with changes in store structure
    • BITO's products are delivered in Petworld's logo colors
    • "A word is a word and agreements are mutually observed"
    • Always quick follow-up and feedback on all inquiries to BITO
    • Fast delivery

That's what the customer says

"A word is a word. Quick response and the goods arrive just as agreed."

Dir. and owner Jan Sørensen

Implemented storage systems

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