BITO storage solutions from various BITO systems - reduced throughput times to ensure fast delivery from a huge inventory of items


Our customer

In more than 40 years of company history Eurotape has developed from a versatile service provider in the field of home entertainment and television to an expert on fulfillment. The warehouse with an area of 20,500 m² and state-of-the-art merchandise management systems make it possible. Whether providers from the textile industry, consumer electronics or the publishing industry, when it comes to fulfillment, one trusts the cross-industry customer-oriented services offered by the company. As a specialist and part of the Nordkurier Media Group, Eurotape can handle the entire online trade process for its customers: from the creation of the online shop to the delivery of the products to customer care. It is not about mass, but quality. From small to large-scale entrepreneurs - the right solutions for every customer are found in fulfillment. These services are complemented by experienced logistics partners and marketing professionals. Eurotape delivers worldwide.

Customer requirements

    • There is a storage area of 20,500 m² to design
    • In the logistics center, 15,000,000 items are stored by various customers
    • 19,500,000 items are shipped around the world each year
    • The nationwide delivery takes place within 24 hours - a continuous availability of all products must be ensured in order to ensure fast delivery to the customers
    • Small orders of 4 to 5 items as well as large orders with 500 to 1,500 items are to be processed.

The BITO Solution

    • Multi-Tier Storage combining Boltless Shelving and Carton Live

    » BITO installs a multi-storey system, combining BITO small part shelving and Carton Live and BITO pallet racking

Storage facility features

    • On 30,000 locations and over 10,584 Carton Live storage channels, the diverse articles of various customers are stored and made available for picking
    • The picking of the goods takes place on the Multi Tier Shelving and Racking
    • The second level also serves as a buffer storage for pallets and can be removed at any time to the picking warehouse for stock replenishment

Customer benefits

    • The throughput times have been significantly reduced by the installation of the BITO storage solution
    • The productivity of the individual order pickers has been increased
    • The installation of the multi-story system ensures that the available storage space can be used optimally
    • A flexible design offers many expansion options

Customer statement

The combination of shelf shelving and rolling stock storage has proven to be very quick here, because we handle up to 80% of all stored items every day.

Holger Michael, Operations Manager EUROTAPE

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