• Dupont cheeses

    Daily deliveries of quality cheeses to a wide network of shops.


The customer

Cheese importer Dupont from Bruges is a renowned cheese trader.

For 85 years, the company has been selecting the best cheeses in all of Europe: AOC cheeses, raw milk cheese, specialties from traditional cheese dairies, exclusive cheese products straight from the farmer, ...
The Dupont cheese inspectors know how to put together an extensive and refined range.

The assets of Dupont? Direct import, optimal ripening, plus a logistics concept with an optimal warehouse layout for more than 1,000 types of cheese. With this Dupont guarantees service, with quality, with freshness and with product variety.

What did Dupont need?

    • A smooth First In, First Out (FIFO) treatment for a wide range of cheese balls and packaged cheeses.
    • A large pick opening was important because of the large cheese balls. This was achieved through a combination of cranked levels, increased spacing between levels and a degressive ergonomic picking curve
    • By applying a 2-storey system, maximum utilization of the storage space is achieved
    • In addition, a buffer stock for pallets was realized by providing transverse pallet flow channels above the picking zone.

How did we solve it?

    • Multi-storey general cargo flow racks with pick-to-belt discharge
    • We organized the picking of the cheeses via a pick-to-belt system.
    • And thanks to the flow racks, picking is now done via the FIFO principle.

Use in practice

    • Organization of 4 picking zones with general cargo flow racks, each with a discharge from the picking bins to the final inspection via a pick-to-belt system
    • The picking orders are released in the same order in the 4 picking zones.
    • From the 4 conveyors, the picking bins arrive in the correct order via 4 end points at the final check.
    • The system is conceptually very simple but very efficient

The benefits for Dupont

    • Dupont was provided with a simple and efficient flow racking system for general cargo, without having to purchase drastic mechanization or complicated sorting systems.
    • Thanks to the large removal openings, Dupont personnel work ergonomically.
    • Dupont is now making optimal use of every centimeter in the refrigerated storage space via this new racking and the pallet transfer channels above.

The customer testifies

"Thanks to BITO's new warehouse layout, we can organize the flow of orders faster and better. The order picking process is more efficient and structured, allowing us to continue to provide our customers with our service at peak times. And this without too expensive investment."

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