• Carl Hassing

    Quick set-up of pallet racks for a new warehouse


About the customer

Carl Hassing is a wholesale company specializing in tools, which since 1913 has been responsible for the supply of products for production, repair and maintenance in the iron and machine industry.

The company basically lives off its large warehouse, where they stock over 60,000 item numbers. Carl Hassing can be found in two stores in Odense and in Svendborg, as well as in the relatively new webshop that went live in 2018.

The huge number of item numbers and the promise of day-to-day delivery of stock items means that a large and efficient warehouse is strictly necessary. Carl Hassing and BITO have collaborated since 2004.

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Customer needs

    • Space for over 60,000 stocked item numbers.
    • Due to the development in the market, Carl Hassing has to buy volume goods, so good storage space is absolutely essential.
    • Previously had external warehouse 1-2km from the head office, in 2019 expanded the warehouse in Odense with 1000m2 storage space
    • Cheaper internal logistics
    • Quick set-up of shelves, as the lease on the external warehouse had to be terminated.
    • Good stock overview so the store can comply with a fast delivery

Solutions from BITO

    • Pallet racks

    » High, stable pallet racks that can fill the large new hall, and at the same time provide a good overview.

    • Quick deal

    » The process from quotation to order and subsequent delivery and assembly was extremely fast and beyond Carl Hassing's expectations.

Benefits for Carl Hassing

    • Fast order processing and delivery from BITO
    • Good cooperation with a well-known partner
    • More storage space
    • Skilled fitters set up the shelves in record time
    • Same bookcase brand as a large part of their existing warehouse
    • Compliance with agreements
    • Good space and visibility between the shelves
    • Easy access to all items

That's what the customer says

"Our collaboration with BITO in connection with this trade has been absolutely fantastic. The process has gone really fast; from offer to order and delivery just went lightning fast, and has been good and efficient."

CFO Ulrik Højsholt Andersen

Implemented storage systems

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