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    sought overview and efficient stock picking


About the customer

au2parts is a Danish wholesale chain that supplies spare parts in OE quality (Original Equipment) as well as tools for professional car repair shops. At the main warehouse in Aarhus, au2parts has min. 85,000 stocked item numbers, and in each of the 43 departments in Denmark they have approx. 15,000 item numbers. The number of item numbers and a frequent delivery of items to the workshops place great demands on the logistics. Three times a day, goods are delivered from au2parts' main warehouse to the departments, from where they are often delivered to customers several times a day. au2parts is part of the Carl Christensen Group, which was founded in 1927, and the group currently employs approx. 600 employees. au2parts and BITO have been collaborating since 2008.

Customer needs

    • Many picks per. today requires good storage facilities
    • Uneven picking with many picks over a day, which requires an overview
    • Interior design should ensure that it is easy to put new employees to pick
    • High flexibility between departments
    • Local warehouses around Denmark with optimized warehouse layout. For example, shelves with a shelf depth of 30 cm with a back to a 40 cm deep shelf have been chosen, which has given way to an extra row of shelves
    • Fast picking of goods is essential. During the day it can take 10 min. from the order is received until the item is on its way to the customer

Solution from BITO

    • Small goods racks type FBR - assembled without the use of tools

    » BITO has delivered small goods racks to a large number of au2parts' departments, which has provided an overview, stock optimization and great flexibility

    • RK boxes

    » The RK boxes use au2parts to store all their small parts, which has given structure, overview and quick picks.

    • Security

    » For au2parts, it is crucial that customers get their goods delivered quickly. In order to provide this customer service, au2parts needs a supplier collaboration that meets the same requirements. BITO services au2parts quickly, safely and without delays. It provides security!

Benefits for the customer

    • Fast delivery from BITO
    • Inspiration for decorating the warehouse
    • The same system solution in all departments provides great flexibility between the departments
    • BITO stocks all parts for shelving, which makes changes / conversions / extensions easy and flexible for the customer
    • Flexible solution as shelves can be easily rebuilt
    • Shelving - easy to set up
    • Compliance with agreements
    • Good overview of the warehouse
    • Shelving boxes - for structure and quick picking

That's what the customer says

“BITO’s small goods shelves give us an overview and a quick pick. That is our success”

pronounces dir. Niels Skak

Implemented storage systems

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