• Buffer & reserve storage

    Compact, efficient temporary storage.


The principle

It is often necessary to hold reserve or buffer stock between individual process steps - but as a rule, these stocks should be kept as small as possible.

Buffer storage prevents stoppages in the flow of goods and ensures constant item availability. Buffer storage is needed if, for example, the supply flow is out of sync with the demand flow, and received goods need to be stored for a certain amount of time before seeing further use. Typically, reserves such as production or safety buffers are also held.

In principle, any BITO storage system is also suitable for use as buffer storage. The choice of system will depend on your business processes and on the type, size and nature of the specific goods being held. Storage volumes and density, as well as the actual space required, are other considerations which help to determine the appropriate racking system. BITO racking systems allow you to realise a compact, cost saving buffer storage solution.

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