Sustainability in business – Social commitment

  • We are obligated to our region and the people who live here
  • We are an attractive and committed employer
  • We stand by our social responsibility

Ready for the future

BITO is at home in the world of material storage and handling – and at home in a region rich in nature. We feel very connected to our home region. A very green region, characterized by forests, agriculture and wine growing. To preserve this natural wealth, we have always felt obliged to help keep it that way.

For us, sustainability also means taking responsibility for the people who live here, thereby ensuring that the region and the people have a promising future.


Responsibility for our employees and the region

We are the largest employer of our region

As a traditional, medium-sized and future-oriented family owned company, we are globally active and yet very close to our home region. Ever since BITO was founded in 1845, our company headquarters including research & development as well as our production facilities have been located in our region. As one of the largest employers of our region, we feel a special obligation. This is why we will remain firmly rooted in and connected with our home region.

We would not be what we are without our staff. With their knowledge, experience, innovative ideas, visions, responsibility, performance, fun at work and by upholding our shared values, they keep our visions alive, for themselves and for us. We are proud that most of our employees have been with us for many years.

    • BITO Academy to promote professional development

    Promoting employees in their professional and personal development is one of our most important tasks. Our BITO Academy offers a variety of vocational and personal training courses. While ongoing vocational training improves overall work performance, developing attitudes like self-esteem, motivation and creativity also plays a major role in doing a job better than before.

    • Wide range of training opportunities

    Our range of vocational training offers includes many different training courses in both the commercial and technical field – from apprenticeships to university studies. This enables us to give young people from our region the opportunity to receive qualified vocational training and at the same time provide training for our skilled workers. We are always interested in taking on our trainees as permanent employees.

    • Retirement provision

    Demographic change is increasingly affecting the care of the elderly. With the BITO pension model, we make an important contribution to securing the livelihood of our employees in retirement.

BITTMANN Foundation

Making a lasting difference

Responsibility for the people in our region.

Young people are our future. That's why the Bittmann Foundation, as a part of its social responsibility, is passionate about promoting the mental and physical development of children and young people in the areas of education, science, sports and culture with a range of activities.

Since its establishment in 2008, our foundation has been sponsoring numerous charitable projects such as equipping sports clubs, schools and daycare centres, as well as providing financial support for cultural events.

In order to provide valuable impetus for our region, our foundation also organizes lecture series for which we invite renowned speakers.



"With our foundation, we want to assume responsibility for our region and help make a lasting difference.

Our desire and concern is to give something of ourselves to others and to support meaningful projects that provide valuable impetus, especially for young people who are the future leaders of our region.”

Fritz Bittmann

Founder of the Bittmann Foundation