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Shelving systems - production

All BITO shelving systems are constructed at the company headquarters in Meisenheim, without exception: for small, large, light, heavy, bulky or long items, from individual shelves to multi-level racking systems. Goods are constructed to the newest technological standards. The high degree of automation in profiling and shelving manufacture, as well as the modern folding, pressing and bending devices, enable precise manufacturing while maintaining high quality at all times. Professional production planning and constantly optimised manufacturing processes guarantee fast, clean project throughput and therefore reliable completion of all contracts.

In our main production plant in Meisenheim, we produce high-quality shelving technology in a production area measuring 45,000 square metres. We integrate the entire workflow into our construction processes, from development and testing to production facility and tool construction, until our logistical services ship our outstanding goods on time worldwide. We incorporate permanent growth into our processes by constantly developing our specialists and our construction processes. Our innovative, active investment policy allows us to reliably support multiple different sales channels at the same time and to keep our facilities up to date with the latest technology. From the smallest batches and specialist components for specialist customer-specific applications, to large projects and serial production, to direct sales shipments and rapid delivery service, we are a reliable partner. Our experts, working with cutting-edge, energy-efficient machinery, are masters of innovative pressing and metalworking techniques. Our process of constant improvement involves analysing business processes on an ongoing basis and always growing and changing to meet the demanding requirements of our customers and the market as a whole. Our well trained and motivated employees guarantee that we will always be able to stay on top of the market into the future.

Dominik Freyland-Mahling, plant manager, Meisenheim

Container systems - production

Our plastic container manufacturing plant is among the most modern in the industry. BITO containers are manufactured using powerful, cutting-edge injection moulding machines. In addition, our large finishing centre allows containers to be customised to meet customers’ specific needs. BITO finishes containers in a variety of ways; automatically applying barcode labels, for example, and milling or drilling holes for compliance with fire safety regulations. Requests for company logos, non-standard dimensions, specialist inlays or reinforcement can also be met. The complete production process is distinguished by a high degree of automation and flexibility.

Our cutting-edge plant has seen constant positive development since it was opened in 2000. Using the latest generation of energy-efficient injection moulding machines, we produce high-quality products and are able to increase our material throughput considerably every year. The process chain for plastic containers begins with product development and moves through production, product finishing, storage and picking until the goods are eventually shipped out. Real-world experience and close communication between all departments enable us to fulfil even specialist customer requirements within very short delivery deadlines. The use of hybrid injection moulding machines and a well organised container recycling system are just two examples of measures we’ve put into practice to support our BITO principles on environmental protection and efficient, long-term use of resources. By permanently optimising our processes, we ensure that our well trained employees are always able to respond directly to our customers’ expectations, to meet the challenges we are set and therefore to continue to increase customer satisfaction. In the future, we will continue to systematically develop the skills and competence needed to meet these goals.

Henrik Wolf, plant manager, Lauterecken