• Automobile and supply industry

    Fast, reliable intralogistics are the centrepiece of assembly line supply and spare parts management.


Customer requirements

The automobile and supply industry is one of the most important and most innovative sectors in the world. Even in this sector, however, there are a number of particularly complex logistical challenges which must be mastered. In particular, every hour counts when it comes to spare parts logistics for passenger cars and utility vehicles if deadlocks are to be avoided. In addition, it is essential to guarantee reliable supply to production lines in order for complex production systems to function efficiently. Logistical costs and stocks are key variables in this highly competitive environment. Specific automobile load carriers are often used, with which BITO storage systems integrate perfectly.


    • Specialist components require specialist load carriers such as plastic boxes and steel frames.
    • Specialist load carriers need to be stored securely, together with standard pallets, in live storage systems.
    • Just-in-time, just-in-sequence and the FIFO principle are key components of logistics in this sector.
    • Increasing cost pressures result in a demand for outstanding logistical systems and optimised workflows.