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    If you want to help other people be healthy, you need flexible logistics.


Customer requirements

For approximately the last two decades, the healthcare sector has been in upheaval: aside from technological and political developments in healthcare, cultural and economic change have also played decisive roles. Healthcare now means much more than curing illnesses. It is a trend in lifestyle and values. In order for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to meet strict demands in the future, manufacturing businesses are relying more and more on intelligent logistical solutions in areas such as storage, replenishment and container and carton picking. Other critical aspects include optimal control over access to stocks and end-to-end cool storage for medicines.


    • E-commerce and online pharmacies are enjoying increasing popularity.
    • Hygienic storage, cleanliness and tidiness are incredibly important for warehouses in this sector.
    • Clearly visible product identification markings help to avoid picking errors.
    • Online shipping and on-site orders in pharmacies require logistical systems that operate at full speed.
    • Goods must be protected against unauthorised access, for example using robust BITO containers with tamper proof security seals and barcodes.

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