Ideal if...

    • You want to make maximum use of your warehouse space while continuing to guarantee access to all individual unit loads.
    • You need to store a wide range of goods - the system is particularly well suited to batch size 1.
    • You want to store a regularly rotating range of goods or make seasonal adjustments to your stock.

Do some of these points match your experience?

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BITO PROmobile - the mobile racking system


The mobile pallet racking system BITO PROmobile is a wheeled pallet racking system. Each shelf in the pallet racking block is mounted on a mobile carriage operated by electric motors. The carriages move along rails embedded in the floor.

The system is controlled directly using operating elements on the rack itself or using a convenient remote control system. It is also entirely possible to integrate the entire system, including the controls, into your existing warehouse management system.

The use of mobile pallet racking systems reduces the need for costly floor space. Thanks to the racks’ mobility, only one aisle needs to be open for picking at any one time; the rest of the space is filled as efficiently as possible with racking runs. Each of the individual pallet racks can be relocated, allowing access to all pallets at all times. Instead of one broad aisle wide enough for truck circulation, it is also possible to open several smaller aisles.

A mobile pallet racking system can be directly integrated into a newly-built warehouse or fitted into an existing one.

PROmobile synchro

The BITO PROmobile synchro mobile pallet racking system is distinguished from the BITO PROmobile system by its permanent distance monitoring. This ensures that the carriages move perfectly parallel to one another at all times, even when shelves are carrying different weights or unbalanced loads. Rather than using traditional mechanical control, the system is electrically operated, ensuring that carriages stand and move parallel to one another. Aisle widths can therefore be planned down to a few millimetres and optimally divided.


Benefits & advantages

General benefits

  • Größere Raumgewinnung mit verfahrbarer Palettenregalanlage PROmobile im Vergleich zur konventionellen Palettenregalanlage, Zeichnung
    • More space

    » Maximum storage capacity thanks to optimal floor space and volume usage. When building a new warehouse, you can either plan in less storage space to reduce construction costs dramatically or open up room for expansion.

  • Kapazitätserhöhung mit verfahrbarer Palettenregalanlage PROmobile im Vergleich zur konventionellen Palettenregalanlage, Zeichnung
    • Storage capacity increases by:

    » Replacing existing (static) racking systems with a mobile system significantly increases storage capacity.

PROmobile synchro general benefits

    • Low operating costs during the entire service time of your installation.

    » Permanent distance monitoring minimises wear and tear on wheels and guide rails. The system lasts longer and maintenance costs are reduced.

    • Uneven load distribution is expressly authorised!

    » Even under asymmetrical loads, the permanent distance monitoring system ensures that the carriages and the system as a whole move reliably in parallel. The goods can be distributed across the rack in whatever arrangement best suits your operational needs, without having to account for the type or weight of items.

    • Optimal routing

    » BITO PROmobile synchro allows you to store goods in an arrangement that optimises your processes - high-turnover products in the aisle, C-items at the end of the carriage. This reduces item storage and retrieval costs.


BITO mobile system features

  • Self-regulating aisle widths:

    In traditional systems, aisle widths increase or decrease depending on the weight stored on the racks. This can lead to gaps or even to accidents as a result of racking runs becoming too tightly packed together. Employees therefore need to adjust distances manually. This is why we have integrated self-regulating distance measurement into our carriages as standard. The user sets the distance just once at the operating terminal. This distance will then be maintained regardless of the rack load. This saves time and minimises a source of damage to the system.

  • Selkäreppupaikat

    Backpack spaces:

    Backpack spaces are storage spaces which can be mounted at the start or end of a carriage. They allow you to provide additional storage space along escape routes or fork lift travel routes. This allows you to use warehouse space more efficiently.

  • Detailansicht des abgesetzten Bedientableaus für verfahrbare Palettenregalanlage PROmobile

    Remote control panel:

    The controls for a mobile racking system are located in the control cabinet. A remote control panel allows you to position an additional control system anywhere you like - perhaps close to a picking station, for example. This reduces the time taken to reach the controls, saving a considerable amount of time.

  • Detailansicht der Steckdose am Verfahrwagen für verfahrbare Palettenregalanlage PROmobile

    Sockets on vehicles:

    Simply smart. Sockets mounted on vehicles greatly simplify the necessary regular cleaning work. No need to hunt around for a socket any more!